Your Lead, Our Story

To connect and strengthen relations with the department’s alumni, Dr. Sara Hansen and the social media team has asked more than 500 alumni to share their success stories with us.

Through a campaign titled “Your lead, Our story,” we asked alumni to tell us in two to three sentences how the Journalism Department impacted their lives and careers. As of right now, more than 30 people have already responded by filling out our quick Survey Monkey questionnaire. These leads will be shared with Journalism Department students and staff via Twitter, our blog and displays throughout the department.

Not only will contributing these leads help alumni feel included in the Journalism Department’s history and future, but current and prospective students will be able to witness for themselves how the Journalism Department can help launch them into successful careers.

Are YOU a J-Department alumni? Submit your lead here:

“I started college intending to become a Spanish teacher, but got hooked on journalism after being invited to work on the student newspaper. I changed my major to journalism, enjoyed a satisfying 10 years working for daily newspapers, and then built a successful career as a self-employed business communicator.  Now retired, I am still a “reporter” who takes notes and writes them up for newsletters, meeting minutes, and other documents.  Thank you, J-Department, for channeling the talent/interest I didn’t even know I had!”

-Eileen Hammer Housfeld ’69, retired 

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