Our Top 5 Posts of 2010

3 01 2011

The past year has been an incredible 12 months of growth for the Department of Journalism‘s Social Media Initiative. We went from having no social media presence to having 250 Facebook fans, almost 500 Twitter followers and more than 5000 views on this blog.

Our blog posts have been written by students, professors and professionals about the world of journalism. Thanks to those articles, the Journalism Blog has become an incredible resource for our students and alumni to learn about everything from social media to career advice. Now we want to take a look back at our five most popular posts from 2010.

5. Internship Updates

One of the things that the Journalism Department stresses is for students to get internships. Apparently they are listening. On our site we list some of the most recently posted positions while also linking to the main internships page on the department’s website.  Check back frequently to see what new opportunities are available.

4. 6 Tips to Boost Personal SEO

How do you get noticed by employers? They need to be able to find you online and view your work. But how do you guarantee they’ll find you on the Internet? Well, J-alumna Melanie Stepanek gave us six tips to boost your personal search engine optimization. These hints are just as relevant and useful as they were when they were published back in April.

3. Kate Unger: UWO Student to UWO Career

J-alumna Kate Unger went full circle from being a student at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh to an employee of Reeve Memorial Union. It seems that students wanted to learn from Unger’s success and see how she navigated her way through the job market to ultimately land her dream job at UWO.

2. 23 Interview Tips for Journalism Students

Interviewing for jobs and internships is something (hopefully) every student has to do. It can be scary, it can nerve-wracking, but we have some tips to make the process go smoother. And not just a few tips, but 23 of them. From researching the company to polishing your resume, this post has been preparing students for interviews all year long.

1. University Journalism Department Catches Bieber Fever in Revolutionary Name Switch

Ah, yes. The infamous April Fools’ Day prank where we announced that the Journalism Department became the JustinBieber Department. The tomfoolery went viral, creating hundreds of hits in a single day and even a fake “JustinBieber Department” certificate. You’ll have to wait and see what we do this year.

It’s been a very successful year for our Social Media Initiative, and we can’t wait to see what 2011 has in store for us. If you are interested in writing a blog post for the site, please contact us at UWOshJournalism@gmail.com.


BREAKING: UW Oshkosh Might Possibly Change Fight Song to “One Time”

1 04 2010

Article by Kari Robinson, JustinBieber student

Due to the recent influx of Justin Bieber mania and pressure from the newly renamed JustinBieber Department, the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh might possibly officially change its school song to the Bieber smash hit, “One Time” as of April 1, 2010.

The change is one of many that the UW Oshkosh JustinBieber Department is pushing to capitalize on the popularity of 16-year-old Bieber.

“I heard Chancellor Wells talking, and he said, ‘As a university we try to keep with trends in order to attract as many students as possible,’” said Chelsey Orlikowski, a JustinBieber student. She added that he might have said, “We feel this is a great opportunity to really connect with students and ensure that we stay relevant in a rapidly changing cultural climate.”

Orlikowski snapped the following photograph of Chancellor Wells with Bieber, which is currently being investigated for authenticity:

University Journalism Department Catches Bieber Fever in Revolutionary Name Switch

1 04 2010

The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Journalism Department announces it will be changing its name to “JustinBieber Department” to reflect the teen-sensation’s increasing social media presence and consistent trending nature on the popular microblogging site, Twitter, as of April 1, 2010.

Current students are encouraged to refer to the former “J-Dept” as the “JB-Dept.” The change will also impact spring commencement. Soon-to-be grads will now officially major in “JustinBieber,” with their respective emphases remaining the same.

 “Although some people may call us crazy, we fervently believe that Justin Bieber is revolutionizing Journalism, the media and the world as we know it,” said Mike Cowling, department chair. “…I really hope he retweets this article.”

JustinBieber department professors will be making drastic changes in their curriculum in response to the change. Each course is set to begin with an “ode to Bieber,” which may include students saying their favorite aspect of Bieber, a 2-minute reflection on his accomplishments, a group Tweet-about-Bieber session or a class sing-a-long to any of his timeless classics.

“I for one am pumped about this change,” said Kari Robinson, a senior in the JustinBieber department. “I just can’t get enough of him! I sing his music everywhere! Oh golly!”

For more information on the name switch, visit the JustinBieber department on Facebook or connect with them on Twitter.