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A resume is the tiny little piece of paper that controls your destiny. No pressure. If you need to write one but don’t know where to start, feel free to follow our example. For further assistance, contact internship coordinator Barb Benish or UW Oshkosh Career Services.


Your Name
Your address
Your phone number
Your e-mail
(Make sure your name is big, bold and at the top and all contact information is up to date.)



University of Wisconsin—Oshkosh, Bachelor of Arts Degree

  • Major: Journalism, _______ Emphasis
  • Minor: _______
  • GPA: _______
  • Graduation: (Month): _______ (Year): 20__


Relevant Experience:

University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh Journalism Department: (The place where you worked.)

Social Media Intern (Your position at the company.) May 2010-Present (How long you worked there.)

  • In charge of all of the department’s social media accounts, including Facebook, Twitter, and blog
  • Write articles for the blog, post others’ articles and photos, update Facebook, Twitter
  • Connect journalism students, professors and alumni
  • (Write your duties and responsibilities at your job and what missions/projects you finished while being there.)

(Continue listing any relevant work experiences.)





Relevant Classes: (List any courses you have taken that are relevant to the position you are applying for.)

  • Writing for the Media
  • Editing
  • Reporting
  • Feature Writing
  • Media Photography
  • Website Development


Skills: (List any skills that will be useful for the position.)

  • Proficient in… Adobe InDesign? Photoshop? Microsoft Office?
  • Proficient in… E-mail? Social media? Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn?
  • Proficient… Public speaking skills? Customer service skills?
  • Fluent in any foreign languages?


Other Experience: (List any other jobs/internships that you have had that may not pertain to the position but will show other strengths and skills you possess. Also a great place to put those cashier/restaurant jobs to show you are reliable and have general work experience.)


Activities and Honors: (List clubs you were in and any awards/honors you received.)

  • Were you on the University Honor Roll?
  • Member of any clubs?
  • Win any awards or honors?


There! Now you know how to make a very basic resume. There are a few key things to do before you are done though:

  • Make sure to meet with an adviser/professor/professional before submitting a resume. They may have more advice for you and can be an extra set of editing eyes.
  • Triple check your spelling and grammar since most employers throw away your application once they find a typo.
  • Give your resume some personality. Add a little bit of color, maybe original graphics. Make it creative and visually appealing.
  • Feel free to tailor your resume to fit each job position. Add classes that are relevant, and delete the ones that are not; Put more relevant jobs toward the beginning of your resume; Delete unrelated skills so the important ones get noticed.