Internships Important to Finding Jobs



By Ethan Geggie (@gegmeister)



As most students know, going to college is the first step in getting a career. But finding an internship — or even two or three — will make getting that first job easier. Not only are internships a great thing to put on your resume, but the experience will also help to make students more confident in the application and interviewing process.

The Department of Journalism offers a 3-credit internship class taught by Barb Benish, the department’s internship coordinator, who helps students successfully get their foot in the door and find internships before graduating college. In my experience with this class, I learned a lot of various skills from being interviewed, to writing cover letters and resumes and even discovering ways to find jobs related to my major.

Prior to taking this class, I was a marketing associate for EatStreet, an internship I found through the university’s online job posting platform known as Handshake.  At the time, I only applied through Handshake because I had no clue there were other platforms to look at and apply for jobs. That’s where the internship class came in and introduced me to many different platforms.  Oh and one more thing, every student must have a LinkedIn! profile. The reason why is because it is a great way to promote yourself as someone looking for a job, and employers can easily find you and reach out to you, too.

Aside from the internship class, I have learned a lot about being an intern through working for EatStreet.  As an Interactive Web Management major, I was applying for jobs relating to titles along the lines of digital marketer or social media manager. However, marketing associate was the closest one I could find and since I have started working there, I have found myself doing much more than marketing.  For example, I have discovered that I am pretty good at event planning, which is just one more thing I can add to my resume and portfolio.

My advice for students with past job experience or experience with jobs unrelated to your major: While you should apply to jobs related to your major, don’t be afraid to apply to jobs that include skills you think you would be good at. I had never done event planning in my life before I worked for EatStreet. Now that I have that experience, I can also look for jobs that include event planning. Always keep expanding your horizons and never stop learning new things for they can come in handy for your first job out of college.



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