Faculty and Adviser Timothy R. Gleason Receives Faculty/IAS Adviser Award

By Taylore Radtke (@tayloreradtke)

Dr. Timothy R. Gleason, journalism faculty and student adviser, was selected as the recipient of the 2019 UWO Faculty/IAS Adviser Award presented by the Advisory Council for Comprehensive Academic Advising (ACCAA).

Faculty Adviser Award 5.9.2019

This award is given to advisers who assist students in developing and setting realistic personal, social, academic and career goals. The adviser is required to have in-depth knowledge of the career paths available as well as the curriculum. To receive this award, Gleason had to be nominated by students within the Department of Journalism and Interactive Web Management program, showing he has truly made an impact in our students’ lives.

According to senior Kelli Calkins, “He will go above and beyond to help students find the best possible schedule and path toward graduation that best fits the individual’s interests and goals. His passion for teaching and advising is evident to anyone who has him as a professor or as an adviser.”

“It is easy to see that he goes above and beyond to help these students, as they come ready with courses plotted out on a four-semester planning sheet,” Former UARC Adviser Houa Xiong said. “I must echo that Dr. G’s students love him as a faculty adviser. They have commented that he is a wonderful adviser. He keeps them informed of the major by sending relevant and updated information, such as internship and networking opportunities. His knowledge and expertise of the major have guided them to complete the major in a timely manner, but most importantly, that he truly cares about their success.”

The ACCAA is a committee consisting of faculty, instructional, academic and classified staff and students determined to acknowledge the hard work faculty advisers are putting forward to help University of Wisconsin Oshkosh students succeed.

Gleason earned his bachelor’s degree in studio art from SUNY Brockport, his master’s degree in journalism from The Ohio State University and his Ph.D. in Communication Studies from Bowling Green State University. He joined the UWO faculty in 2000. He teaches a variety of media classes, as well as being the adviser to the Department of Journalism’s Photo Club, and serving as director of Interactive Web Management.


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