Advance-Titan Job/Internship Opportunities




By Calvin Skalet (@atitan)


Campus jobs can be hard to find, and students constantly go out of their way to find the perfect job. But that perfect job is at the Advance-Titan campus newspaper.

I’m Editor in Chief of the Advance-Titan, and we’re looking for students who are interested about writing about things that matter, as well as taking photos or editing copy. Though the print industry is in decline, the Advance-Titan is more applicable to students than ever before. The A-T can provide you experience, knowledge and freedom that you can’t find most places. Regardless of your major and career plan, there’s a place in the A-T newsroom for everyone.

CalvinSkalet&NealHogden.JPGPictured: Neal Hogden (seated) and Calvin Skalet (standing)

For the longest time my parents would bring up the fact that I was jobless. I’d get texts and calls from them constantly. “That’s cool news…. Do you have a job yet?” was a phrase they used over and over. Not only were they worried about me staying out of trouble — what sort of trouble could college students possibly get into? — but they were worried about me having real, applicable experience that could translate to the workplace post-graduation.

So I finally caved my junior year and got a job … at the cafeteria. It was a great job because it was my only job during a semester of school. But I also started working at the A-T as a sports writer for gymnastics. I’m a huge sports fan and I can tell you with the utmost confidence that I truly had no business being a writer for gymnastics. But the people at the A-T made it easy for me to transition into the job. Reporting is a skill that everyone should try out. You don’t need a specific interest in journalism to become a good reporter; we just want passionate, hardworking students. In fact, some of the best stories The A-T has printed have been from non-journalism students.

Newsroom2.JPGAdvance-Titan Newsroom during production night.

At the end of the day, the A-T gives you experience that employers want to see. It’s a tangible resource that you can point out to prospective employers and say, “Here is published work that I took part in.”

If you’d like to learn more, contact me at or Advance-Titan adviser Barbara Benish at




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