Words Today’s Brand Professionals Live By

By: Ashley Statz https://www.linkedin.com/in/ashley-statz/  Three well-known brand professionals were joined by Marketing Content Manager John Giesfeldt in the discussion of versatile media skills required for branding at the Department of Journalism’s 50th celebration This panel of pros consisted of Jeff Griffith, Creative Director of Jeff Griffith Creative; Martha Carrigan, President and CEO of Big Shoes Network; and… Read More Words Today’s Brand Professionals Live By

Essentials of Community Journalism

By: Lizzy Ritschard @lizzymritschard What comes to mind when you hear the phrase “community journalism?” UW Oshkosh Professor Miles Maguire defines traditional community journalism as place-based reporting with a heavy emphasis on the kinds of things that make people feel connected: names, local events, amateur sports and educational achievement. This reporting keeps society informed and… Read More Essentials of Community Journalism