The Oshkosh Independent Magazine Releases Second Issue


By Whitney Wender (@whitney_wender)

The Oshkosh Independent Magazine invites readers to join the community of Oshkosh as the city continues its growth.

“Oshkosh is a city on the rise, and the Oshkosh Independent Magazine aims to capture and connect with what is going on and keep the spirit of rejuvenation and creativity alive,” said Miles Maguire,  a UW Oshkosh journalism professor who serves as editor for the newly launched publication. Numerous current journalism students and alumni are contributing to the magazine as writers and photographers and in advertising sales.

Maguire and UW Oshkosh alumnus Justin Mitchell created the  Oshkosh Independent Magazine as an outgrowth of an online publication, the Oshkosh Independent, which has served as a trusted local news source since 2015.

The March/April edition of the magazine focuses on “Women in Charge,” with profiles of female community leaders, many of them in fields traditionally dominated by men. Another feature looks at the ways that the city is changing physically through new construction and redevelopment, inviting readers along for the ride.

Each edition of the magazine will home in on different aspects of Oshkosh and shine a new light for the reader while integrating in innovative ways with the community it covers. The magazine’s local emphasis includes working closely to support community arts, such as the Oshkosh Music Artist Series, a program that raises funds to support musicians and music education. The magazine also promotes local events by working with the Oshkosh Convention and Visitors Bureau.

The crisp, modern graphic design found throughout the magazine reflects the work of Trevor Koenigs, who serves as the art director. Koenigs is married to Samantha Looker, director of the First Year Writing Program in the UW Oshkosh Department of English, where Maguire’s wife, Roberta, is chair.

To learn more about the Oshkosh Independent Magazine and the opportunities to engage, click here.


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