Career Options for Journalism Graduates


By Dakotah Armbruster (@Dakotah__A)

As a student who majors in journalism, you may get the occasional, “So you’re going to be a journalist?” Although that may be the perfect position for you, there are a plethora of job opportunities out in the workplace for journalism majors, some that may even surprise you! Below is a list of five of the many jobs that are amazing options for graduates with a degree in journalism.

  1. Social Media Specialist– Social media is a vital key for marketing of a company. Social media specialists communicate with the public through tweets, likes, shares, posts, etc. and build a authentic brand for said company. They can also review analytics sites to see how to improve their company’s social presence. View specialist job postings here to learn more.
  2. Copywriter– Have you seen any advertisements lately? Copywriters are in charge of writing the text for ads and publicity material. Talk about getting your work out there. If you are naturally creative, persuasive and can pack a lot of information into only a few words, this is the job for you. View copywriter job postings here.
  3. Public Relations Specialist– Want to be one of the faces of a major brand? PR specialists create and maintain the image of organizations through various media tactics, all while trying to build brand awareness and inform the public. View PR specialist job postings here.
  4. Creative Director– Let your creativity run wild in this position. With at least five years of previous agency experience, creative directors lead in advertising agencies where they work with graphic designers, marketers, artists, etc. to come up with visions for products being sold. Every brand has a story to tell, and it’s the creative team’s job to let that story be shared with the world. View creative director job postings here.
  5. Editor– Want to oversee the entire process for major publications and send out final drafts of text? With previous experience, editors work at magazines, newspapers or online media outlets. Basically anywhere there’s a story, there’s an editor. View editor job postings here.

The journalism department at UW Oshkosh has many alumni that are in a variety of job fields. Just by checking out the homepage for the department, students can view outstanding alumni from this program and their current position titles all across the United States.


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