On the Scene with Interns: Wisconsin Herd

By Monica Salmeri @MonicaSalmeri

Eighty-seven percent of students in the journalism department complete one or more internships before they graduate. Many of our students have interned locally, throughout the nation and remotely. Currently, several of our students are interning throughout Wisconsin. Two of our students were recently hired for the highly competitive public relations internship at the Wisconsin Herd, the new G-league NBA Basketball team in Oshkosh.

Seniors Katie Biersach and Alicia Kahl were selected from a large pool of candidates to serve as interns during the inaugural season for the Herd. As interns they are tasked with a variety of jobs including writing content for the Herd’s game-day program, media guide and social media. They also research statistics, compile player biographies and draft copy for donation request emails. On game days the two will be the go-to people for the media that are in attendance, making sure they are equipped with information, statistics and equipment needs.

FullSizeRender-1“I love seeing how excited the community is for this inaugural season, and I think it will be a fantastic opportunity to bring people together,” Biersach said.

Kahl says that she wanted an internship with the Herd ever since the team announced that there was going to be a developmental league team in Wisconsin.

“I knew this is what I wanted from the beginning and patiently waited for the internship to be announced,” Kahl said. “I checked Handshake every single day until they showed up. On the same day the internships were posted, I polished my resume, wrote a cover letter and spent hours updating my website/online portfolio.”

While preparation and qualifications are important to getting hired, passion is also a key component. We are proud to have such passionate individuals in our department. Go Herd!

Advice from the interns:


If you are seeking an internship that you really want, don’t be afraid to find the key, management staff within that organization and just inquire about a potential internship. They may not be looking for interns at that exact moment, but by you reaching out and getting your name out there, that could potentially put you ahead of all future applicants.

Do your research, be prepared and feel in your heart that it is a position you truly want to pursue. You want to be able to showcase how passionate you are about the position and how unique and dedicated you are.


Internships are extremely important in a student’s college career. Internships can help you figure out where your passions lie and where they do not. All of my internships have provided me with countless ways to expand my skillset and give me a glimpse into the real world.

I would always recommend students get an internship, maybe even more than one, and when they do, to take advantage of every learning opportunity within the internship.



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