The Department of Journalism Passes Accreditation

By Catie Schultz (@CatieSchultz17)

The Department of Journalism completed an approximately two-year writing and review process to become reaccredited after earning unanimous votes from the members of the Accrediting Council on Education in Journalism and Mass Communications (ACEJMC).

The department wrote the self-study report during 2014-2015, was visited by a site team in October 2015 and received support from the ACEJMC Committee in March 2016 and the Council in May 2016. The department’s journalism and public relations majors are accredited for the maximum six upcoming years.

The department was evaluated on nine standards:

  1. Mission, Governance and Administration
  2. Curriculum and Instruction
  3. Diversity and Inclusiveness
  4. Full-Time and Part-Time Faculty
  5. Scholarship: Research, Creative and Professional Activity
  6. Student Services
  7. Resources, Facilities and Equipment
  8. Professional and Public Service
  9. Assessment of Learning Outcomes

    A congratulatory letter to finalize accreditation

Accreditation is beneficial for the department, students and the university. The department has higher standards that it must meet compared to non-accredited programs.

Students benefit from accreditation by the rigorous course-work, hands-on work with faculty and updated technology available to them.

Department Chairperson Timothy Gleason said, “A program doesn’t receive reaccreditation like someone gets a token birthday cake. It is earned through hard work, self-reflection, self-improvement and achieving excellence at every level.”

The site team found the department to be compliant on all nine standards, not a routine finding. Gleason noted, “This gives us a new goal, which is to maintain our top-tier performance that makes us competitive with the other prominent programs across the country.”



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