Advance-Titan Surpasses Challenge Grant Goal

By Catie Schultz (@CatieSchultz17)

The goal seemed so far away to Advance-Titan Faculty Adviser Vince Filak and the rest of the A-T staff. But they did it. The A-T met a challenge grant goal, exceeding expectations, with $104,000 to pay off deficit spending from the late 2000s.

Source: Advance-Titan

“Meeting the goal was the greatest thing that happened,” Filak said. “You start to chip away and chip away at that big number and the money starts to climb up to three, then four and then five figures. We didn’t think we were going to get there, but it’s been a great feeling meeting the goal.”

After meeting with various groups on campus, the A-T originally set out to raise $5,000 by Feb. 1. However, the A-T was approached by Barbara Beuscher, the Director of Development for the College of Letters and Science, with an offer the A-T couldn’t refuse. A donor approached the University with a $50,000, dollar-for-dollar match challenge grant that would allow the A-T to retire their debt. However, they only had 100 days to raise the funds.

“It was a big group effort with lots of handshakes, phone calls, lunches and meetings with people,” Filak said. “It was wonderful to see alumni and other people that value the A-T donate what they could”.

Not only will the funds put the paper on firm financial footing, but Filak hopes to use that money to expand experience opportunities that A-T staff members wouldn’t necessarily have had before this opportunity.

“We now have the ability to send students to conferences, to Washington D.C. to cover the Presidential election race or to cover the Stagg Bowl and not have to worry about how we are going to get the money to cover simple things,” Filak said. “Having more real-life experience is going to help these students. This is where your passion can get you.”

Congratulations to the A-T!


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