Are you ready for spring 2016 advising?

By: Brenna McDermot @letterstowomen

With only a few days before advising starts on Wednesday, Sept. 30, this is the perfect time to make sure you are prepared. Ask yourself these questions before going to your appointment:

  1. With whom do I want to advise? You don’t have to advise with the person on your STAR, so sign up for advising with whomever you feel most comfortable. Make sure that you let Cindy Schultz know if you plan on changing advisers so that it can be changed on your STAR.
  2. Have I signed up? Sign up for a 15-minute meeting with your adviser on the colored sheets attached to their doors. You can’t have a meeting unless you are signed up.
  3. Have I printed out my STAR? Advisers need your STAR to know what classes you have taken and need to take. Because appointments are short, there isn’t time for you to print your STAR out at the beginning of the appointment.
  4. What classes do I want to take? Go on Titan Web and review all the class options available. Again, there won’t be time during your appointment for your adviser to tell you about every class.
  5. What class CAN I take? Too often classes conflict, so pay attention to what times the classes you want to take are scheduled. Also, look to see if the classes you want have prerequisites that you must meet.
  6. Do I have backup classes? Unfortunately, some classes fill quickly because of the small enrollment cap, and they might be the classes you want. Have some alternatives that you are willing to take if this happens.

Even though advising can be overwhelming and frustrating, being prepared and flexible will make the process more enjoyable. For more information on journalism advising, please visit this link: view this link Happy advising!


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