What did you do during your summer vacation?

By Cindy Schultz (@SindeeLouHu)

What did you do during summer vacation? That question always seems to be asked during the first week of a new school year. Well, I wish to share with you a number of things that the Department of Journalism did during our 2015 summer vacation.

We got word early in May that the new Public Relations Major (http://admissions.uwosh.edu/public-relations/) has been approved. This is very exciting news since we are the only UW System school to offer a PR major. Thank you, Dr. Julie Henderson, for your tireless work to make this dream come true.

Speaking of Dr. H., she spent many hours cleaning out her office to prepare for her retirement and eventual move to Minnesota. Best wishes to her in this next journey of her life.

The offices and computer labs went through a deep-cleaning process. Table surfaces were cleaned, carpets were scrubbed, computer equipment was anti-bacterially cleaned, and the inside of the windows were washed. My desk has not been this clean (or empty) since we moved into Sage Hall in summer 2011.

Cindy Office Deep Clean

In addition to everything being sparkling clean, our department was very fortunate to have our 2015 Lab Modernization Request approved. This allowed us to purchase new computers and install them into our Advanced Computer Lab–Sage 3420. We pride ourselves on having the very latest in technology for our students’ learning experiences.

Computer Installation

Last, but certainly not least, the faculty and staff have been working tirelessly this summer on our self-study documentation that will be sent to the Accrediting Council on Education in Journalism and Mass Communications (ACEJMC) by Sept. 9, 2015, and then forwarded to our site team visitors who will be on campus Oct. 11-14. ACEJMC is the organization that grants accreditation to our department once the site team determines that we have met rigorous standards for curriculum, assessment and diversity among other values and competencies for which our department is known. Watch for emails to participate in the accreditation process early in the fall semester.


The weather has turned fall-like. The semester will start in a few short days. We are excited to have the halls of Sage teeming with students once again. See you soon!


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