The Value of Nonprofit Internships

By Rebekah Ehlert

RebekahEhlert-150Finding an internship, easy. Just click a button to submit your resume onto Titan Jobs. In a week you get called by a nonprofit organization that wants you to intern. You’re so excited to have a real internship that you immediately accept their offer. And then later you realize you just accepted an unpaid internship. How are you going to pay your bills?

While money is great, unpaid internships can offer great experiences. Nonprofit organizations are less structured, simply because they can’t afford lots of employees. This could look scary for someone without innovation, but this is what separates “the men from the boys.”

To the successful intern, this means you can leave your own mark on the nonprofit group. You have the freedom to create a new program, do work the way you want to do it and stand out from the crowd compared to previous interns. The other employees basically treat you as an equal, which gives you full-time career freedoms.

The second best thing about nonprofit internships is the networking opportunities. You are constantly raising support and meeting with sponsors and volunteers to make your event happen. This is where you can make your impression. Who knows what connections can land you a full-time career?

And finally, the best thing about nonprofits is that many are known internationally. Special Olympics and World Relief are just a couple of the major nonprofits with internships in the Oshkosh area. Because you have experience with an international organization, you can easily share and form connections with employers. International companies carry a well-known name and common ground.

So rock that freedom, embrace the connections and showcase your experience with an internationally trusted nonprofit organization.


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