Andrea Larson Receives Chancellor’s Award for Excellence

By: Carissa Brzezinski (@CJBrzezinski)

The UW Oshkosh Department of Journalism would like to congratulate Andrea Larson for being awarded the Chancellor’s Award for Excellence. Larson is one of 17 seniors from UW Oshkosh who were recognized with this honor. Recipients exemplify high academic and leadership abilities with an evident commitment to serving their school and community.

These qualities are apparent in Larson, who was both a member and leader in multiple groups on campus including the Advertising Club, Julie K. Henderson Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA), University Speakers Series, the Athletic Department and the University Studies Program. In addition to her multiple commitments at school, Larson was an intern locally at the Littlest Tumor Foundation, and GenArt in Los Angeles.

Besides an active presence on campus, students were required to submit letters of recommendation as part of the award application process. Two letters were required from faculty members and one from a person of the applicant’s choosing. Larson received letters from Dr. Sara Hansen and Dr. Julie Henderson and additional letters from Mike Lueder and Kati Hinds.

“Each person made a large impact on my academic career and college experience,” Larson said.

“Dr. Henderson and Dr. Hansen taught me so much about my chosen career path—advertising and public relations,” Larson said. “They both gave me the opportunity to transfer knowledge taught in class into real-world experience. Both are extremely knowledgeable and willing to guide their students in the right direction.”

She had kind words about Lueder and Hinds as well.

“Both inspired me to get involved and gain leadership experience,” Larson said. “They helped me see what I was capable of accomplishing and encouraged me to challenge myself.”

Larson graduated in May. When asked what she would miss most about the journalism department, she said: “I have not seen a department more friendly, funny, helpful and inspiring than the journalism department. All the professors and faculty are so caring; every student means a lot to them, and the support they provide is incredible.”

Larson added: “Get involved and take the opportunities that are offered to you. Employers are looking for versatility in their job candidates. The more you are involved and try to gain experience, the more you will stand out. Network and establish relationships with your professors and alumni. They want to see you succeed, and others are more willing to help you than you may think.”

Congratulations, Andrea. We wish you the best in your future.


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