Journalism Students Selected As Photographer’s Forum Finalists

By: Ian Arthur (@Ian_CHILDonFIRE)

The UW Oshkosh Department of Journalism is full of creative talent. This past fall, college students from all over the country submitted photos to the 35th Annual College Photography Contest, sponsored by Photographer’s Forum. Six UW Oshkosh journalism students were selected as national finalists. Their photos were published in a compilation of all the national finalists and winners by Photographer’s Forum. Below are the six finalist photos.


I took this photo at the ice caves on Lake Superior. It was -35 degrees, windy and required a two-mile hike to reach the caves. This photo is of a couple taking the less beaten path back to shore.


This photo by Amanda Polizin displays a stormy Wisconsin skyline as the sun sets. The photograph provides a stark contrast between the dark ominous clouds, and the warm glow of the setting sun on a Wisconsin farm.


Jake Batterman took this photo and he uses a sense of depth and contrast to draw the viewer in. Balancing the bright surface of the pool table with the dimly lit room is no easy task, but Batterman manages this while also capturing the movement of the cue ball.


Linda Derber took this photo of a barn side painting. The rich colors and sharp detail are what make this photo stand out. It also has the classic look of Americana.


Charlene Dungan took the photo above. The photo was taken from a cable car while ascending the Isabel de Torres Mountain in the Dominican Republic. The photo is beautiful yet ominous at the same time, as the fog hides what lies beyond it.


Jake Spence in Oshkosh took this lucky photograph. The photo manages to capture a rare winter lightning storm. The slow shutter speed also allowed for the cool streak of car lights on the road.

The students all managed to capture a unique event or a picturesque view of a seemingly everyday scene. All six photos highlight the creative talent of journalism students at UW Oshkosh. Congratulations to the finalists, and keep taking more pictures!


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