Spring Break Options

Spring break is rapidly approaching and while some people have plans to travel for their week off, many students are staying in the state. Some may be upset about not going far away, but here are a few tips to keeping busy and having fun over spring break even if the vacation is in Wisconsin.


Staying home is an underrated way to spend one week off of school. Whether that staycation is in Oshkosh or back home, there are plenty of things to do around town. See a movie, go bowling, read a book, take a walk around town if the weather permits.

Just being home with pets and a home-cooked meal could be all the relaxation needed to recharge before the final half of the semester.

Job hunting

With more than three months off, summer is the ideal time to be working, and spring break is the perfect time to be putting out applications and resumes. Whether students are looking for post-graduation full-time jobs, a summer internship to add to the resume, or even just a part-time job for a little extra cash, the week off is the perfect time to make those preparations.

Take the break from class to use spare time to research companies, look for interesting jobs and internships, write the perfect resume and cover letter, and drop those resumes off in person.

Don’t forget to dress up when dropping them off; the hiring manager could be the one taking the application.

More schoolwork

It’s easy to fall behind during a stressful 14-week semester, so spring break would be an excellent time to catch up on all that missing work. With no class and no other homework, there is nothing to distract you from sitting down and finishing that 400-page novel that the exam is on.

Even working ahead is a good option. Writing papers and reading chapters that are not due for a couple of weeks may be beneficial in the long run when other class work starts piling up, and if the work doesn’t pile up then a little free time in the semester is nice, too.

Whether in Panama City Beach or Oshkosh, spring break can be fun. It just depends on the person to make the most of the options available.


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