Trivia Winner Week 2

This week’s winner for the journalism department trivia game was Elizabeth Pletzer, who got all 10 questions correct.

Pletzer is a freshman majoring in journalism and minoring in anthropology. She has an undeclared emphasis in journalism but is leaning toward the writing and editing and visual emphases.

Pletzer said that while she did prepare for the quiz, she still feels like she “kind of just got lucky.”

She said she typically gets her news from The Advance-Titan, links on social media, and other newspapers provided around campus.

Pletzer said it is important for everyone to stay in tune with the happenings of the world.

“Ignorance may be bliss, but knowledge is power,” Pletzer said. “Best to know what’s going on so the power doesn’t all rest in one place.”

“I really like the trivia game,” Pletzer said. “I think it inspires people to know what’s going on around them. And everyone likes a little competition.”

While Pletzer got the most questions right this week, Week 1 winner Jenny Goldade is still in the lead with 18 cumulative points.

Answers are posted in the Reading Room, along with weekly scores and a running tally of cumulative points. This week’s questions are still open until Thursday morning and can be found at this link.


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