5 LinkedIn Tips for a Killer Profile & More

By Ian Arthur



During fall semester the Department of Journalism hosted a LinkedIn workshop run by students – and yes cookies were involved. Students came together to optimize their profiles and bounce ideas off one another about how to tame the LinkedIn beast. Here are the top five tips from the event.

1. Have a supreme summary.

Having a short summary about yourself on your profile is essential for your profile’s search engine optimization (SEO) as well as showing uniqueness to set yourself apart from the competition. Also, this summary is your first impression with anyone who sees your profile. Make sure to include your elevator pitch, which is a short summary of why you make a good job candidate, aspirations as a professional and anything else pertinent to your job search.


2. Find an eye-catching cover photo.

LinkedIn allows everyone to have a cover photo for free. Taking advantage of this is another way to personalize your profile, to make it your own and to create a memorable impression to recruiters. Choose a photo that can represent you or your industry, but keep it professional.

3. Include how you impacted your employers.

With each previous employment opportunity on your page, make sure to not only describe your role within that position, but also show the impact you made. Adding the total revenue you helped generate or how many people read the publication you wrote are just a few ways to show your impact.


4. Spread the endorsement love.

As a wise person once said, “Thou shalt spread endorsements on LinkedIn.” OK, so maybe no one ever mentioned that, but you should really endorse professionals so that they return the favor. Having endorsements not only shows you have skills but shows you are active in your professional network.

5. Looking for a job? Download LinkedIn Job Search.

Another great resource that some people still haven’t adopted is the LinkedIn Job Search app. This app makes searching for jobs on the go a breeze and even lets you apply directly for jobs on the app with your profile – no cover letter or resume needed.


LinkedIn is the largest professional network in the world. It’s essential to have a profile today because recruiters are starting to rely so heavily on it. And let’s face it, it’s an amazing networking tool. I challenge you today to start making LinkedIn your new favorite social network.

Questions? Comment below for an immediate response.


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