Meet Mirza Mehmedovic, Oshkosh’s Fulbright Scholar

By Nicole Kiefert


The Fulbright Scholar program is the biggest exchange program in the United States. It gives opportunities for students and young professionals to travel internationally for graduate school, research and all levels of teaching worldwide.

mirza m

This year, Mirza Mehmedovic is a Fulbright Scholar at UW Oshkosh, doing research for his doctoral dissertation, The Possibility of Applying the European Model of Media Policy in Public Broadcasting Services in Bosnia and Herzegovina. He studied journalism at the University of Tuzla, and teaches communication studies at the University of Sarajevo.

Mehmedovic has won many awards, including the bronze plaque of the University of Tuzla in 2005 and 2006, as well as the silver plaque of the university.

In 2006 and 2007, Mehmedovic was an active member of the Young Liberals of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Since 2011, he has been a member of the Alliance for a Better Future of Bosnia and Herzegovina and has been president of the Youth Forum in Tuzla since December 2011.

“I’m quite happy because it is quite a big deal to be here on Fulbright Program,” Mehmedovic said.

Mehmedovic said he met another Fulbright Scholar from UW Oshkosh, Loucos Petronicholos, while Petronicholos was studying in Bosnia. Because of the Fulbright Scholar program, Mehmedovic built a relationship with Petronicholos, who encouraged him to apply for the program and study in Oshkosh with Professor Miles Maguire.

Maguire said he is pleased to have Mehmedovic working with him in the classroom and is happy to be helping him during his stay in Oshkosh. Maguire said in the spring, Mehmedovic will be helping his advanced reporting class with a website covering the local elections.

“Mirza is going to help us with that because he is knowledgeable with some of the digital technologies,” Maguire said. “He speaks excellent English so I think he’ll be able to help us do some of the reporting but more importantly helping the students work with the video and things like that.”

Mehmedovic said he really likes Maguire’s teaching style and is glad to be working with him during his stay.

photo 4

“I was journalist for a couple of years before I started to work at university, so I really like the way he works with students,” Mehmedovic said. “He does a lot of practical assignments. He gives them assignments to get them to go out there and talk to people and do research and so on, so I really like it.”

In his written application, Mehmedovic said he is hoping through his research and experience at UWO to be able to create a new class for his school in Tuzla.

“After conducting research in the United States and completion of the doctoral dissertation, I believe I will be able to establish a new course in the Department of Journalism in Tuzla, which will primarily deal with the nonprofit media and organization of public services,” he said.


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