MacKenzie Miller’s Internship Journey in New York

This is a summer blog post from Mackenzie Miller who is a Public Relations intern at Kravetz PR in New York. Follow her journey on her blog.

“Start each day with a grateful heart.”

This was my inspiration for the week as I struggled a bit in the beginning to adjust. I began to miss my family, my friends and the normalcy of my own space and home. Finding out the paid job I thought I had in the city fell through really caused the anxiety to
set in, and that’s when I had my first mental breakdown. I called my dad Tuesday night and he reminded me that things don’t always go as planned. I had to remind myself that I was in a city full of different people and opportunities, many facing the same struggle I was, and feeling sorry for myself wasn’t going to get me anywhere. I have been blessed with an amazing opportunity, with an agency that I love.

Walking into Kravetz the first day I was unaware that I would feel so at home within the first few days. I was introduced to the other fashion publicists in the office, got a tour of the beautiful space then got right to work. The first day consisted of researching fashion blogs and PR sites to post on our different social media platforms. Shortly after, I was introduced to some of our client’s brands such as Steve Madden, The Biggest Loser Resort and Lisa Blue Swim. Being given the opportunity to work on the digital side of these brands has allowed me to see a whole new side of PR. Being taught the material in school and actually creating and scheduling the content for some of the biggest names in fashion and lifestyle has already opened my eyes to what this field all entails.

‘Start Each Day With a Grateful Heart’ is the phrase I try to tell myself each morning as I’m riding the Subway into Manhattan. Back home I wouldn’t have given a second thought to going out to lunch, a shopping trip to Sephora or hitting up Starbucks literally three times in one day for my Trenta Valencia Orange Refresher (Erin Shiroda). Moving away for the summer and living on a (very, very) limited budget has allowed me to appreciate the little things in life- such as a potato for dinner.

My mom had told me before I left to take everything one day at a time- not to forget to live in the moment. At times this can be difficult, always thinking ahead to the next work day, trying to find a job, or thinking about how I’ll be able to afford next weeks groceries. But she’s right. In twelve weeks I’ll be back home in the comfort of my own home, my own bed, my own shower, a TV, my cats and all of the familiar faces I know and love.

Although my first week in the big city had its fair share of ups and downs I’m confident in my decision to leave the people and places I call home to pursue my dreams in the crazy world of PR.


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