Dress to Impress For Interviews

Bailey Azarian is a student in Barb Benish’s Internship class and had an internship as a Social Media Intern at the Career Services where she iss responsible for managing all of the social media accounts, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. She also promotes and markets career events and writes weekly blogs.

Bailey also works as a Marketing Intern at the Alumni Welcome & Conference Center. She has been helping find and create different marketing strategies to promote the event and conference space of the AWCC to the public.

As a part of the Internship class, students are required to write a newsletter and here is one of the stories prepared for the project. 


Dress to Impress by Bailey Azarian

What you wear to your next job interview or networking event might be more important than you think. Why? Whether you like it or not, your appearance is the first thing people notice about you. For hiring managers, a first impression plays a huge part in his or her decision whether to hire you or not.

Dressing appropriately also gives you the confidence you need to impress interviewers with your personality. Make sure the first impression you create at an interview is a positive and professional one.  A job interview is not the time to be concerned with making an individual statement. Base your attire on the company’s culture and your possible responsibilities.

Professional interview attire will differ for men and women, but in most cases, conservative should be the word you remember when searching for the perfect outfit.

The most traditional option for women’s interview attire is a black skirt suit. Pants suits are also acceptable, as are suits of other neutral colors.

Interview attire for men is a full suit with matching jacket and pants. A crisp, collared shirt should be worn with a black belt and tie. Shoes should be a complementary color

Also avoid wearing blingy, shiny or lacey fabric; khaki, skinny or capri pants; shorts; tight skirts or skirts shorter than knee length; low cut and sleeveless blouses or dresses; large jewelry; bulky purses; and sandals, wedges or heels that are taller than 2.5 inches. Here’s more on how to make the best impression:

Women’s Interview Attire:

  • Suit (Navy, black or dark gray)
  • Suit skirt that is knee length or longer
  • Limited jewelry
  • Neutral pantyhose
  • Closed-toe shoe with conservative heels
  • Minimal makeup and perfume

Men’s Interview Attire:

  • Dark shoes
  • Pressed, collared shirt with plain (solid, stripe, or simple pattern) tie
  • Dark socks
  • Belt or shoes of matching color, typically black
  • Minimal cologne, if any

In the business world, the way employees look says a lot about the company they work for. The image you present is molded by the impressions all of us give when interacting with company representatives, visitors, other members of the public, and even with one another. So make sure the image you present is the one that will get you hired.



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