6.5 Ways to Make Your Blog Suck Less

Brody Karmenzind is a student in Barb Benish’s Internship class and has had an internship at JJ Keller in Neenah where he executed tasks such as data entry and market research coding within Silverpop email marketing system, Google Analytics and Excel.

He also had an internship in Appleton at Stellar Blue Technologies. Here he develops and executes mobile advertising campaigns, contributes to content marketing initiatives, manages social media platforms through Sprout Social, writes ebooks, website content, meta data, blog posts and press releases and creates promotional and tutorial videos.
Brody has the opportunity to work at Pandora in Chicago. There he develops ad media plans for clients with big data and then reports the results.
As a part of the Internship class, the students are put together a newsletter with helpful information and here is Brody’s piece.


6.5 Ways to Make Your Blog Suck Less by Brody Karmenzind

There are over a million blogs on the Internet and a lot of them suck. “How can I get my blog to not suck?” people may ask. The answer is by developing a blog that has a quality SEO plan for organic searches, intriguing content so the bounce rate is low and time on page is high and to create a pathway for engagement within each post. Seems complicated right? Well it isn’t! It’s much easier than one would think. Just follow these blogging practices to ignite the flame of success.

1. Keep your writing concise

Being short and sweet is the key to blogging. People don’t want to read a “Lord of the Rings” length blog post when they are searching the Internet. They want extremely easy to consume information that solves their problems.

2. Get chunky!

Dividing up your text with multiple sub headers, bullet points and other media is a great way to break up the text within each blog post. When visitors’ eyes saccade they can easily recognize differences or things that “pop.” It’s key to take advantage of this within each post so readers can easily scan and obtain a general idea of what your post is about at a rapid pace.

3. Forget SEO and worry about content

Mockingbird, the latest update to Google’s search engine algorithm, cares less about keywords and more about the quality of content. OAO or online audience optimization is slowly replacing SEO or search engine optimization. Essentially it considers how long people stay on the page, what their bounce rate and engagement level is, etc. rather than just what keywords you have. Content will forever be king.

4. You need some cool stuff…

People like stuff that is cool, end of story. Make sense? Add awesome stuff to your blog like images, videos, links, maps, infographics, slideshows, polls, etc. to spice it up! It’s really important to have more than just text on your blog post to increase the aesthetic appeal.

5. Dont hav Typo’s

Havng typos in yur blog blog post will only ruin the credibilility of your blg (See what I mean?). One easy way to ensure fewer mistakes is to read each sentence out loud starting with the last sentence and working backwards. You may be surprised how many more errors you catch!

6. Call to actions

At the end of every post use any type of call to action or engagement creating device. Engagement is an important part of blogging and it helps you interact with your visitors while also increasing time on page and lowering your bounce rate. Examples of engaging devices include interesting questions, polls, social media sharing options, etc.

6.5 Have interesting post titles

Were you curious what the half of a way to improve your blogging was? I was curious too when writing this article! Make sure your blog titles are very eye catching with multiple adjectives or adverbs to stand out to people mindlessly looking at search engines or RSS feeds.

There are a thousand more tips for blogging; however, these cover the basics. Remember, just have fun with your blog, be creative, and people will come! Writing a blog can be a very rewarding thing for one’s personal or professional life, so keep it that way. May the blogging begin!


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