A Day in The Life at the Advance Titan

by Andrea Larson (@andrea_larson_) and Nicole Kiefert (@nicole_kiefert)

Did you know that the UW Oshkosh student newspaper, The Advance-Titan, won the Wisconsin Newspaper Association’s Student Press Excellence Award in 2012 and 2013? This is well deserved by the A-T staff because every Wednesday night they work to make sure a new issue is released every Thursday.

The A-T has existed since 1893 and continues to keep students and staff updated on what the campus and community are doing. It takes a lot of people to make the paper run, and here are three individuals who work at the A-T and some of their responsibilities.

Page Editor

erin and brennaThere are four different types of page editors: news, campus connections, sports and opinion. There are meetings every Monday between both the entire staff and the specific branch of editors and their writers. On Mondays the editors discuss story assignments with their writers. On Wednesdays the editors work in the A-T workroom, setting up pages and proofreading.

Assistant news editor Scott Bellile said his favorite part is being able to take the more artistic approach in journalism. “It’s pretty fun to take on this more artsy aspect to journalism,” Bellile said. “Having your own say and what you think is a good front page picture is cool. When it comes out on Thursday morning and you look at it and can be proud to say that it’s something you built in a night.”

Copy Desk

The copy desk is a group of students who are responsible for reading over stories and checking the AP style and grammar. Each story isn’t fully proofread until it has been viewed by at least three members of the copy desk. The pages then go back to the page editors, who make the changes and send them back to the copy desk. This exchange continues until hopefully there are no mistakes left on the page.

Copy chief Alissa Knop’s favorite part of being on the copy desk is the interaction between the editors.
Knop said, “I like that it’s different from the other sections in that I get to work with all my editors instead of the writing editors never see them except for the meetings.”

Editor-in-Chiefjes and brenna

When landing the role as editor-in-chief, be prepared to take on many responsibilities. The editor-in-chief is in the A-T office almost every day of the week besides weekends and rarely on Thursday and Fridays. Monday and Tuesday night responsibilities include making sure the other A-T members on staff are on track and their duties are going smoothly, and to address any problems they might have.

On Wednesdays, the editor-in-chief is in the office all day until the paper is ready to be printed. Responsibilities include:

  • Send printing company the amount of print for that day; what color and how many pages they need printed.
  • Walk around to see if there are any major problems and jump in to help.
  • Rewrite stories or rework pages.
  • Keep in contact with the web staff, and send the payroll for the week.

Despite all the responsibilities of the editor-in-chief, he or she will gain experience in all the roles it takes to create a newspaper. The editor-in-chief for the A-T, Jessica Kuderer, shares her favorite part of the job. Kuderer said, “I like being able to float around and help each section, bounce ideas off of them and get, I guess, a broader focus on everything than just the news, which I was heavily invested in before.”

If you are interested in working for The Advance-Titan, send an email to atitan@uwosh.edu and ask about the opportunities available to you.


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