Campus Release of Adobe Creative Cloud

By: Andrea Larson (@andrea_larson_)

We have great resources at UW Oshkosh, but some students don’t know they have access to programs they can receive at a discounted price. I want to share one of these resources so students can start taking advantage of it while they can.

Being a journalism student, certain Adobe software programs are convenient to have on your personal computer so you can work from home or at an internship. Adobe Creative Cloud allows you to do this, and as a student you can get this program at a discounted price.

What is Adobe Creative Cloud? It has the resources you need to craft amazing designs and visuals. You have all-access to the latest versions of Adobe professional creative desktop applications and receive new upgrades when they are available. These programs include:

Screen Shot 2014-02-27 at 12.18.41 PM• Photoshop CC

• Illustrator CC

• InDesign CC

• Dreamweaver CC

• Adobe Premiere Pro CC

• After Effects CC

• Acrobat XI Pro

• Adobe Muse CC

• Bridge CCC

• Fireworks

• And much more

I downloaded Adobe Creative Cloud so I could work on class projects from home and also for my personal use to receive more practice. What I like about it most is you can install only the applications you want and add more at a later date. You also don’t need ongoing Internet access when using the applications, just on the initial installment.

Cloud storage and file syncing capabilities allow you to reliably access your files wherever and whenever you want, even on your mobile devices. You have the option of installing only one app to your computer with the single app membership so you do not have to pay for the entire creative suite if that better suits your needs.

UW Oshkosh is hoping to have a full campus release soon, which will include Adobe Creative Cloud on all school-owned computers. In the meantime, download Adobe Creative Cloud to your personal computer and start learning all the applications by watching Lynda, a one-stop shop for online tutorials on these same programs.

If you are interested in installing Adobe Creative Cloud, refer to the visual below and click here:

Screen Shot 2014-02-13 at 1.04.49 PM

Please note any university-issued computers get this software free, it only costs if you want it on your personal computer.

Click here to learn more about the programs included on Adobe Creative Cloud and comment below for questions and comments.


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