What You Can Be Doing This Spring Break

by Nicole Kiefert (@nicole_kiefert)

The countdown to spring break is just about at single digits, and whether you are going somewhere warm or going back home everyone can agree that it is easily the best part of the spring semester.

When people first think of college spring break, they probably think of the popular trips to Panama City Beach, Fla. But with the help of a group called Ballin’ on a Budget, UW Oshkosh offers to fill a coach bus with students and drive them to PCB, stay at the Boardwalk Beach Resort and get free T-shirts all for $550. Unfortunately, deadlines for the trip this year has closed, but it is an option  for next year.

If you are not up for a road trip with your friends to Florida, there are plenty of other options offered through campus for alternative spring breaks.  Deadlines for applications this year have closed, but if an alternative spring break sounds like something you would like to do in the future, the program starts taking applications as early as October. Be sure to look into it when the time comes.

Through Reeve, ResLife and Mike Lueder, director of alternative spring breaks, comes a fantastic opportunity to visit places and have a once in a lifetime experience. Through alternative spring breaks, students can take trips to New York City, Washington, D.C., Guatemala and Honduras. All of these trips include helping people less fortunate than you and immersing yourself in a different culture.

In New York students will get to see the diversity and culture as well as help prepare and deliver meals to people in need in the boroughs.

The trip to Honduras gives students the chance to help underprivileged children finish an education they were forced to quit.

The trip to Guatemala is about sustainability and helping residents with disaster relief.

The trip to Washington offers students an opportunity to learn more about homelessness, not only by witnessing it first hand and helping those people, but the group sleeps in the shelter where they are volunteering to add an even more beneficial experience.

Part of the group decided to go zip lining. Lueder said everybody who has gone on an alternative spring break has come back a changed person, definitely for the better. He hopes to be able to offer additional trips in the next couple of years to give more people more options for places to go. If  you are interested in looking through photos and blog posts from last years trip, there is a blog everyone kept throughout the trip.

Not only are the alternative spring breaks kept at an affordable cost and give you the chance to give back to the world, you also make life long friends, get to go to a cool place and do some amazing things.

Whether you would rather be at home with your family, in Florida with your friends or doing volunteer work in a different country, any spring break is a fun one.


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