Ad Club Tour: Weidert Group

By: Calli Hoyt (@CalHoyt)

Advertising Club offers opportunities for journalism students to get involved in the advertising profession. Each year, the club tours agencies that offer real views of creative projects, media trends and integrated marketing.

Last fall, the club toured The Weidert Group to learn about the agency and the marketing industry. The Weidert Group is a full service inbound marketing agency located in Appleton. For many of us inbound marketing was a new topic, so we were excited to learn more about it!

Frank Isca, an Inbound Marketing Specialist, and Sam Lowe, an Inbound Marketing Assistant, began by explaining what inbound marketing is all about and how beneficial it can be to businesses. Inbound Marketing is all about getting more leads to your website by using smart and strategic content. This makes it easier for potential clients to find businesses online through platforms like blogs, videos, and social media. Providing this content also allows people to more easily find information from your website and have it be of value to them. Many companies are posting to social media and have blogs that they use, but the key is in creating content that is actually useful and valuable to those people that the company is trying to attract.

The Weidert Group also works on a wide variety of things such as identity/logos, branding, collateral material, print, radio and television advertising, email marketing, PR, social media, web design, and trade show materials. Check out their website to see firsthand some of the work they have done!

One of the biggest things that they touched on was a software program that they use called, Hubspot, which is an all-in-one inbound marketing software. Hubspot helps companies attract leads and convert those leads into customers. One of their main goals is to make marketing that people actually love and want to interact with. The website even offers a free program that you can take to become certified in using Hubspot, which is a great thing to add to a resume.

We appreciate Frank Isca and Sam Lowe taking time to share their knowledge of the industry and show us around their agency. We all enjoyed learning more about inbound marketing and meeting professionals in the industry.

Weidert Group Tour

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