It’s That Time of Year Again: Scheduling Classes

By: Andrea Larson (@andrea_larson_)

It’s that time of the semester again where students have to start thinking of their schedule for next semester The process is different for journalism students and can be confusing at times, so I want to help you understand the process a little better!

Once you declare yourself a journalism major or minor and reach a certain number of earned credits, you stop meeting with your UARC adviser and start meeting with a journalism faculty member to schedule your journalism classes. This does not mean you can not still go to your UARC adviser for questions on classes outside of the journalism department, but to be able to enroll in a journalism class, you must visit with the faculty member you are assigned.

If you have below 45 earned credits, continue to schedule your classes with your UARC adviser; if you have above 45 credits but have a GPA below 2.5, contact Crystal Marschall if you want to enroll in journalism classes (there are still some options for you). When you have above 45 credits and a 2.5 GPA or higher is when you can start meeting with your journalism faculty adviser instead of a UARC adviser you were first assigned when coming to Oshkosh. You can find your faculty adviser located on the first page of your STAR report.

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The registration date on your STAR report might be different than the journalism advising week, which is March 3, 4, 5, 6 and 10 for summer and fall semester 2014. Always keep a look out for an email from the journalism department of when the advising week will be. The more credits you have, the sooner you are able to sign up to meet with your faculty adviser:

• 90 earned credits and more and honor students: Monday, March 3 and Tuesday, March 4

• 60 through 89 earned credits: Wednesday, March 5 and Thursday, March 9

• 45 through 59 earned credits: Monday, March 10

Faculty not have signs attached to their doors or by their doors that give you spaces to sign up for a time that is best for you. At the top of each page, the day will be listed, so make sure it is one you are able to sign up on! Also, don’t forget to write it down, I forgot a couple of times and wasn’t able to get in the classes I was hoping to.

If you have any questions or good advising tips, please comment below. Good luck!


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