Saying Goodbye to Dr. Jin Kyun Lee

By: Andrea Larson (@andrea_larson_)

Jin Lee

Dr. Jin Kyun Lee, who taught advertising classes in the Department of Journalism for the past 3½ years, resigned effective Jan. 31 due to family matters. He is returning to Seoul, South Korea, where several of his relatives still live. He said he wants his children to have good memories of their grandparents while they are still living.

While at Oshkosh, Dr. Lee taught the following courses:

• Principles of Advertising

• Visual Media Design

• Advertising Copy, Layout and Production

• Magazine Editing and Production

• Strategic Campaigns in Advertising

“I really have enjoyed teaching and researching in the journalism department at UWO,” Dr. Lee said. “Especially, I want to express my sincere gratitude to all journalism faculty members for providing this great work environment. Most students I worked with are hard working, very sincere and honest.”

Journalism faculty are being supportive by taking over his classes for the spring semester. A temporary hire will be made for next year, while the search for a permanent, tenure-track advertising professor begins.

I had the pleasure of being in Dr. Lee’s Principles of Advertising class. He is very kindhearted and wants every one of his students to succeed. The last day of class he left us all with words of encouragement, and now, he is leaving Oshkosh with the same advice: “I want to tell journalism students to challenge themselves by setting high standards and self-expectations. Life is full of uncertainty but just the fact that you are moving forward the direction you are confident indeed defines who you are. That is you.”

Thank you Dr. Lee. You will be dearly missed.


4 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye to Dr. Jin Kyun Lee

  1. Dr. Lee,

    I was very sad to hear that you were leaving the University. However, I think it’s very honorable that you are returning home to South Korea to give your children the opportunity to build strong relationships with their relatives, and for you to help care for your father. That must’ve been a difficult decision to make, but it shows a lot about your character, and the type of man you are.

    I cannot thank you enough for the opportunities that you have given me throughout my college experience. Things like competing in the National Student Advertising Competition, being nominated by you for the AAF Vance and Betty Lee Stickell Memorial Award, and all that you have taught me throughout the numerous classes and conversations that we’ve had together over the years will never be forgotten.

    If you would like to stay in touch with me in the future you can reach me via my UW Oshkosh email at, or through my office email at

    I wish you and your family the best of luck during this new chapter in your lives, and all the success in the world in your future endeavors.


    Jonathan Dailey

  2. Hi, Jonathan – Thank you for your kind words and I had great time with you in my classes! I am glad to hear that you learned something from my classes and hope your experience in NSAC help you prepare and make you stronger in the future. If you need to contact me, please email me anytime at Thanks and stay in touch!

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