DMA Conference in Chicago

By: Kaila Kissinger (@KailaKissinger)

Journalism and Business students recently attended the Direct Marketing Association Conference in Chicago. The conference draws professionals from around the world to discuss and learn about topics on data-driven marketing. Over the four-day conference, there were various speakers, information sessions, and exhibits on the trade show floor for people to attend. UWO’s own Dr. Hansen was chosen to present her research on small to mid-sized business social media usage.

Students attended the Student Career Forum put on by Marketing EDGE. The student forum included a panel of professionals who were there to answer questions and provide insight into the marketing and advertising industry. The panelists included:

The keynote speaker for the student forum was Craig Wood of The Futures Company. He had many helpful insights and focused on Mythbusters: Marketing Edition. He debunked the following myths about what people say about entering into a career after college and the reality.

The Myth: There is only one way to prepare for your career.

Reality: There is only one way to prepare yourself for your future. YOUR way.

The Myth: Your first job matters.

Reality: People in the millennial generation don’t define themselves by their jobs like past generations have. Your first job doesn’t matter as much as your experiences do.

The Myth: Your first boss will understand you.

Reality: Your boss is most likely going to be older than you are. With all of the differences between generations, some things are different.

The Myth: It’s not what you know, but who you know.

Reality: This may have been true in the past, but now it is a combination of both. Of course, the connections you make with people are valuable when looking for a job, but employers are now looking more closely at the skill sets you have.

The DMA conference was a great experience for Journalism and Business majors to interact and see how their fields intersect. It was also a great way to network with professionals in the industry.

UWO at DMA Conference Chicago 2013


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