Mobile Media Additions Made to Core Journalism Courses

Photo Credit: Mashable.

By: Phil Aiello (@phil_ILO)

New additions to the Department of Journalism’s Foundations of Multimedia Production and Online Publishing will introduce opportunities for students willing to take on developing mobile communications.

Studies suggest that mobile Internet usage will exceed desktop Internet usage as early as 2015, and the Department of Journalism will make changes to reflect the trend beginning this spring.

In Foundations of Multimedia Production, Dr. Shu-Yueh Lee will deliver conceptual knowledge of applications and services for mobile multimedia. The learning objective is for students to obtain knowledge about the development process for mobile applications.

In Online Publishing, introductory lessons on JavaScript and jQuery will be applied to create interactive web packages that can be accessed both by the Internet and mobile devices.

“The hope is to provide students with the knowledge and skills for creating mobile sites and mobile multimedia messages,” Dr. Lee said.

With innovative, all-in-one products like tablets and smartphones, which include millions of mobile applications, the need to purchase products like GPS systems, cameras and storage devices have led analysts to believe that desktop computers may become extinct.

Studies reported in Mashable state that nearly 5.1 billion mobile phone users will possess a mobile phone by 2017, growing from 1 billion from 2013.

Mobile communication is a key aspect of modern journalism for writing and visual content. Students should consider these trends when registering for classes, and staying current with technology. In what ways may mobile impact your work in journalism?


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