13 Tips From a Pro | Guest Speaker Jeff Griffith

By: Kaila Kissinger (@KailaKissinger)

Jeff Griffith, Creative Director at Men’s Health Magazine, received the Distinguished Alumni Award last week from the UW Oshkosh Alumni Association. While in Oshkosh, Jeff was kind enough to meet with students during classes, Advertising Media and Visual Media Design, and also met with the Ad Club. He shed some light on the advertising industry and told stories about his experiences.

Jeff Griffith Distinguished Alumni Award
Bill & Judi Biglow, Jeff Griffith, Harvey Jacobson, Elaine & Gary Coll

Jeff has a pretty amazing career history – starting young with a complete portfolio by his sophomore year at UW Oshkosh, working on ads for Miller while still in school, getting his first job as an Art Director in Honolulu, starting his own publication and ending up in New York. If you want to check out some of Jeff’s work, take a look at his online portfolio. Even though he has had a lot of great career opportunities, in his presentation to the Advertising Media class Jeff still stressed to not only look for jobs but to focus on what experiences will come from them.  He went on to give the class some tips on how to land a job or internship…

  1. Figure out your goals NOW – write them down
  2. Be a sponge – absorb everything, take in your surroundings
  3. Know yourself – what are you good at? What do you suck at?
  4. Be marketable
  5. Turn off your phone – listen and observe. Know what’s going on around you.
  6. Try talking to people – what do people have to say about you?
  7. Know the company you’re interviewing with – what do they do? Who are they?
  8. Follow the company – know some details, focus on whom you are meeting with
  9. Subject header “hi” – be relevant. No one is going to find or open an email with a subject that says “hi”
  10. Email attachments – if you’re sending your resume via email… have your name in the document title
  11. Shake my hand – also say your name, chances are the person doesn’t remember it
  12. Ask questions in the interview – let them know you’ve done your research
  13. Thank you note – email immediately and use a situational detail so they remember who you are

Have you had an internship yet? If so what other tips could you add to this list?



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