NSAC Competition 2013

By: Eli Drljaca (@edrljaca)


The 40th annual National Student Advertising Competition (NSAC) is coming up! On April 12-13 the campaigns class will be traveling to Minneapolis, MN to go head to head against other “agencies” from many universities in the nation.


Okay sounds exciting, but let’s back it up and see what NSAC is all about! NSAC is an annual competition where a brand will provide students a history outline of a product they sell along with the target audiences the students must advertise to. The students have a limited amount of time to study the product and the competition and find any problems they may run in to.


Tyler Kerns, a student currently in the campaigns class said, “This class truly shows how much work goes into an advertisement. It most certainly isn’t about being the funniest. It’s tracking trends, building and reading research and then executing a creative plan to make the audience feel their needs are being fulfilled.”


Then once the students complete the research, they must build a series of ads and place them into a booklet and perform a presentation for the audience, and more importantly the judges to see. The judges are made up of professionals from the communications industry. I couldn’t even imagine the amount of stress built up for that presentation!


This year the product is Glidden paint, specifically the Brilliance line exclusively at Wal-Mart. The Ad Club has been putting forth efforts to come up with ideas for the campaigns class. As being part of the Ad Club I was able to work with the campaigns class and go through the creative process to come up with the final pitches.


One important part of the class is making sure the ads that are being created are unique. “Well we made them from scratch.” Kerns said, “Much later in the competition we got a memo saying we were supposed to use the original ‘Glidden gets you going’ tagline but we obviously didn’t get that. So we came up with (from scratch) an idea to fit the individual needs of each target segment in a quirky way.” images


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