Wayne Parmley: Thoughts on Creative Process

By: Eli Drljaca (@edrljaca)

Wayne Parmley spoke at UWO to Dr. Lee’s ad copy layout class to give the class his thoughts on the creative process recently. Wayne Parmley was once a freelancer in northern Wisconsin, and now is the creative director for ACP, a business located in Neenah.

Parmley did a great job of explaining to the class what all goes into making finalized products or ideas in the creative scheme of things. He told the class that the major characteristic that CEO’s are looking for in today’s age is “creativity”, and stressed just how important it is to add your creativity to the project at hand and not to worry about multi-tasking because that will add stress and reduce the efficiency of the creative team.

Taking time is crucial in the creative process, not everything is going to come to mind at ease, so it’s okay to go ahead and take time, imagine and daydream and let the creative juices flow naturally and let the ideas come to you, versus rushing the concepts and losing full potential.

He made the point that there are three questions you should be asking yourself when it’s typing up a resume or heading into an interview.

  1. Who are you?
  2. What do you do?
  3. Why do you matter?

Question number three is the one that will really help you succeed and hopefully set you apart from other competition. As far as asking questions goes, “Make sure to always keep asking them.” Parmley said to the class.

Listening to Wayne Parmley’s speech was nothing short of motivational, it surely helped me think more about my future and how to separate myself from others and I hope by reading this it also helped you learn the same.



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