“Life After College” Panel to Explore Career Insights – 3 p.m. Thursday

16 04 2013

Are you wondering about how to navigate the job market after graduation and as your career evolves? Journalism students are welcome to hear three recent graduates speak about “Life After College” from 3-5 p.m. Thursday in Sage 3420.

These professionals, all 2009 graduates from the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Department of Journalism, will discuss their experiences during the last five years. They will discuss what to expect in job interviews, how to get an interview, when to think about changing jobs and when to consider graduate school.

Via a panel format, students may ask about concerns or issues. The event is particularly geared for students graduating soon.

rickvanderzwet_mortarboardThe panelists include:

Craig Bollig – Digital asset management advisor, Widen Enterprises

As a student, Bollig participated in the Bateman campaign and Advertising Club, and also served as president of the Dr. Julie Henderson PRSSA Chapter. He held internships with EAA, Zeppos & Associates, and E-Power Marketing. After graduation, he was hired as a search engine marketing specialist for E-Power Marketing. In 2010, he joined Widen Enterprises, where he consults with companies like Mercury Marine, the Atlanta Falcons and Trek Bicycle, to deploy cloud-based solutions for marketing managers.

Jessica Faris – Account executive, Clear Channel Media & Entertainment

Faris also was active in department groups and events, including the National Student Advertising Competition, PRSSA, SPJ and the Advertising Club, for which she served as secretary. She held various internships, including social media roles with Reeve Student Union. After graduation, she worked at Coalesce Marketing as an account coordinator / social media specialist. She moved to Madison in 2010 to work as an account manager for Florida Communications Media Group. In 2012, she joined Clear Channel Media & Entertainment as an account executive.

Jason Disbrow – Online marketing specialist, Acumium

While at UWO, Disbrow worked in internships with Career Services for graphic design and Clarity Care for marketing. After graduation, he worked as a sales representative for AT&T until landing a position as marketing brand manager for Walnut Hollow in Dodgeville, Wis. He helped launch a new product line, while also engaging in promotional work related to the web, advertising, public relations, social media and SEO marketing. He recently started a new position as online marketing specialist for Acumium.

All journalism students are welcome to attend.


NSAC Competition 2013

3 04 2013

By: Eli Drljaca (@edrljaca)


The 40th annual National Student Advertising Competition (NSAC) is coming up! On April 12-13 the campaigns class will be traveling to Minneapolis, MN to go head to head against other “agencies” from many universities in the nation.


Okay sounds exciting, but let’s back it up and see what NSAC is all about! NSAC is an annual competition where a brand will provide students a history outline of a product they sell along with the target audiences the students must advertise to. The students have a limited amount of time to study the product and the competition and find any problems they may run in to.


Tyler Kerns, a student currently in the campaigns class said, “This class truly shows how much work goes into an advertisement. It most certainly isn’t about being the funniest. It’s tracking trends, building and reading research and then executing a creative plan to make the audience feel their needs are being fulfilled.”


Then once the students complete the research, they must build a series of ads and place them into a booklet and perform a presentation for the audience, and more importantly the judges to see. The judges are made up of professionals from the communications industry. I couldn’t even imagine the amount of stress built up for that presentation!


This year the product is Glidden paint, specifically the Brilliance line exclusively at Wal-Mart. The Ad Club has been putting forth efforts to come up with ideas for the campaigns class. As being part of the Ad Club I was able to work with the campaigns class and go through the creative process to come up with the final pitches.


One important part of the class is making sure the ads that are being created are unique. “Well we made them from scratch.” Kerns said, “Much later in the competition we got a memo saying we were supposed to use the original ‘Glidden gets you going’ tagline but we obviously didn’t get that. So we came up with (from scratch) an idea to fit the individual needs of each target segment in a quirky way.” images

Wayne Parmley: Thoughts on Creative Process

1 04 2013

By: Eli Drljaca (@edrljaca)

Wayne Parmley spoke at UWO to Dr. Lee’s ad copy layout class to give the class his thoughts on the creative process recently. Wayne Parmley was once a freelancer in northern Wisconsin, and now is the creative director for ACP, a business located in Neenah.

Parmley did a great job of explaining to the class what all goes into making finalized products or ideas in the creative scheme of things. He told the class that the major characteristic that CEO’s are looking for in today’s age is “creativity”, and stressed just how important it is to add your creativity to the project at hand and not to worry about multi-tasking because that will add stress and reduce the efficiency of the creative team.

Taking time is crucial in the creative process, not everything is going to come to mind at ease, so it’s okay to go ahead and take time, imagine and daydream and let the creative juices flow naturally and let the ideas come to you, versus rushing the concepts and losing full potential.

He made the point that there are three questions you should be asking yourself when it’s typing up a resume or heading into an interview.

  1. Who are you?
  2. What do you do?
  3. Why do you matter?

Question number three is the one that will really help you succeed and hopefully set you apart from other competition. As far as asking questions goes, “Make sure to always keep asking them.” Parmley said to the class.

Listening to Wayne Parmley’s speech was nothing short of motivational, it surely helped me think more about my future and how to separate myself from others and I hope by reading this it also helped you learn the same.