Digital Marketing Insights From Tom Wolf

By: Kaila Kissinger (@KailaKissinger)

Digital marketing is one of those careers that most journalism students may not completely picture.  The New and Emerging Media class recently hosted Tom Wolf as a guest speaker to talk about his career at Rocket Clicks, a digital marketing agency located in Milwaukee. According to Tom, “Digital Marketing is exploding.”   Tom graduated from UW Oshkosh in 2011 with a Journalism degree in Advertising and Public Relations.  He was able to shed light on what he does in his career and what he did to end up where he is.

Tom is a digital marketing professional.  “What is that?” may be a question you would ask.  Tom’s answer is simple – “We make stuff show up on Google.”

Rocket Clicks is a company that helps businesses develop an online strategy and improve SEO (Search Engine Optimization), PPC (Pay-Per-Click Advertising), CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization), and UX (User Experience Design).  All of these things are ways to track, improve and measure how many people see web content along with how often and how high that content shows up in search results.  They measure these things on sites like: Google/Bing/Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, and other major online ad exchanges.  They use Google AdWords and Google Analytics to help them measure and keep track of searches and key words.  Here’s a funny video to help visualize what these sites do.

Tom talked about his time at UW Oshkosh.  Through his classes he learned a lot of fundamental skills that he is constantly using in his career.  But he brought up the fact that a lot of what he is doing now, he didn’t learn in school.  He’s constantly adding to the foundation of his knowledge through either training or online research.

One of his last pieces of advice was to become a “Utility Person.”  A key talent for digital marketing is to be a problem solver, and be good at a little bit of everything.  These skills make you more appealing to employers.  Also it’s important to be able to figure out new media as it comes along – it’s a fast moving field that is constantly changing and you need to keep up with it.

Students ask Tom some questions after his presentation.

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