Travel and Documentary Photography: Study Abroad in London, England

By: Kaila Kissinger @KailaKissinger

Document your personal experience through photography!

Every two years, the UW Oshkosh Journalism Department offers students a great opportunity to study abroad during spring interim.  As it turns out, 2013 marks the next experience abroad! This spring, students will join professor Dr. Timothy Gleason on his Travel and Documentary Photography trip to London, England.  In London, students will focus on documentary photography, the photographic study of places, people and rituals.

So let’s get this straight…the study abroad is all about taking pictures in a foreign country?  Well…not exactly.

On this trip students will learn and develop photo techniques and video skills all while gaining firsthand knowledge about the English culture and how to use ‘the Tube’ in London.

Piccadilly Circus in London, England Photo credit:

Here is a taste of some places and activities that are on the itinerary for 2013:

With all of the amazing sites to see in London, Dr. Gleason has incorporated a lot of free time for students to explore the city on their own.  The most popular must-sees include: The London Eye, The Tower of London, the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben.

Aside from being a great experience for students, study abroad is something to put on a resume when applying for jobs or internships. For aspiring photographers, the photos you take while on this trip can be included in your portfolio.

Pre-requisites for participating in the course are Intro to Journalism (JOURN 141) and Media Photo I (JOURN 239).  This unique experience is available for all students; not just journalism majors or minors. Students without the pre-requisites noted above can be accepted into the program by the instructor.

Already signed up for this program? Check out some of Dr. Gleason’s travel trips here!

For those who are interested or are unable to sign up for this year’s trip, be sure to look for it again in Spring 2015!


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