Ad Club Tour: Arketype Inc.

18 02 2013

By: Eli Drljaca (@edrljaca)

UW-Oshkosh’s Ad Club recently toured Arketype, a small advertising agency located in Green Bay. Although the agency itself is small, it handles a lot of big clients such as Goodwill, Bemis and Kimberly-Clark. Seeing as I am a member of Ad Club, I went along with the crew and gathered a wealth of knowledge and saw what exactly all goes into an ad agency and the process that it takes to satisfy a client’s needs.

When first approaching Arketype from the exterior you wouldn’t think it was an ad agency. The building is actually a renovated church with large stained-glass windows.  When walking inside I noticed the agency was laid out with several large rooms on the first floor. These rooms are used for brainstorming, conference calls and other projects in the making.

We then spoke briefly with Ross Mollet, a copywriter at Arketype. He showed us some of the final products they created for events such as brochures, pamphlets and creatively done newspapers. The president of the company Jim Rivett was there with a quick hello as he was about to have a conference call with a client. This gave us a sense of size and personal touch the company offers.

Then we ventured upstairs to meet with some of the creative team. We were able to take a look at the workspace, which was very wide open and laid back. We met with some of the graphic designers who were working on a logo for the new restaurant Bleu by Chives, located in Green Bay. The designers had close to what seemed like 100 or more ideas and sketches that were made just for this one restaurant. It was nice to see how extensive the process really is for narrowing down logo ideas.

Then we went on over to a pair of young employees who were working on a video promotional piece. It was quite relieving to see familiar software programs in use, similar to the ones we use right here in the UW-Oshkosh Journalism Department.

After leaving Arketype, I can safely say that the Ad Club and myself were more than ready to go out into the working world and start getting hands on. So next time you’re in Green Bay and you are driving around Stuart Street, look for the pixelated “chillax” penguin. In that building you’d be able to see the Arketype crew hard at work designing and creating for major businesses.

Arketype tour

Walk This Way, The Internship of a Lifetime

11 02 2013

By: Taylor Anthonsen (@TaylorAnthonsen)

Great internships can be difficult to come by. I would like to share my unique experience as an intern for motivational speaker, and personal friend, Ronnie Bachman. In my junior year of high school, I was taken to an assembly about bullying and harassment, hosted by Ronnie Bachman. Ronnie was born with a severe birth defect resulting in the amputation of his legs. Having grown up in inner-city Detroit as a double amputee, he has been through a lot and had much advice to share. I saw the faces in the room change as he spoke; the tears glistening under the house lights. Ronnie changed my life that day, but I had no idea what was to come.


I had the opportunity to interview Ronnie on behalf of our student newspaper, The Rowdy Report. That interview became a friendship that will last a lifetime. Late last fall, I decided that I wanted to help to promote Ronnie and his company, Walk This Way. Inspired by the Aerosmith song, the “Walk This Way” message stands for walking Ronnieʼs way: taking a path of kindness and respect despite the negative influences we may encounter.

Because of my efforts, Ronnie has given me the opportunity to be a part of his Walk This Way team as his Media and Public Relations Assistant. While he tours to hundreds of schools and companies this year, I will operate his Facebook page, his recently activated Twitter page and his personal website. Ronnie has an amazing number of people reach out to him. Kids who are bullied in school and their parents are thankful for his inspiring message that changes their children’s lives. I have hired Ronnie to speak here at UWO on behalf of Communication Club this semester. It is my responsibility to solidify all funding for his presentation including co-sponsorships from various campus organizations. He will be speaking on Tuesday, April 9th, at 7:00 p.m. in the Reeve Ballroom in honor of Disabilities Awareness Week. Ronnie will share his inspiring story, explain the importance of acceptance in diverse communities with emphasis on breaking stereotypes, and give tips for overcoming adversity for a successful future.

Thank you for taking the time to read this! I encourage you to attend Ronnieʼs presentation in April. There will be extensive marketing for this event, so check your emails and the posters around campus! Please follow Ronnie on Twitter and check out his Facebook page: Walk This Way Ronnie Bachman. If your organization would like to co-sponsor Ronnieʼs presentation or help with the marketing for his event, email me at! Meeting Ronnie was pure happenstance, but this internship is an example of what great opportunities that can happen if you network and work for a cause that you really care about. It has been my pleasure working for Walk This Way, and I wouldnʼt trade my experience for the world.

Taylor Anthonsen, Steve Tyler from Aerosmith and Ronnie Bachman

Taylor Anthonsen, Steven Tyler from Aerosmith and Ronnie Bachman