Five Must-haves for Journalism Students in 2013

By: Hannah Opacich

Post-holiday and New Year sales are inviting consumers to hit the shopping centers and spend on all of the gifts they just can’t live without.

So when you’re thinking about how to spend that hard-earned holiday money, consider investing in some gear that will not only advance your journalism career, but will be something you actually enjoy. Here are five items that every journalism student should start out the new year with:

1.     A subscription to a newspaper.

Having a newspaper delivered to your home or apartment will not only give you something to do while sipping your morning coffee, but it will keep you up-to-date on all of the daily news and happenings that you should be aware of as a journalist. Staying knowledgeable about current events is essential for any journalist who wants to be successful.

2.     An SLR camera

Many journalists, even those in the writing field, are expected to know how to shoot a high-quality photo or two. Photojournalism is a skill that will make you stand out from the crowd against other writers and reporters, so why wait?  Start sharpening your photo-taking skills while the deals are hot.

3.     A Book From Barnes and Noble

Read, read, read. Journalism students should always be reading, no matter what the material is. Explore the aisles of your favorite bookstore and pick up a few novels to keep you busy this winter.  It’s a fact that the more often that you read, the better writer you will become in the long run.

4.     A New Wardrobe

When you start interviewing for jobs, you will need professional clothing. As unfortunate as it is, your wardrobe can influence whether or not you will land a job. Use your gift cards to add some professional clothing to your wardrobe. There are great sales on items such as blazers, suits, button-up shirts and dress pants. Just imagine how much use you will get out of the clothes when you finally land a job!

 5.     A Nice Notebook or Sketch Pad

As journalists, we should always have a paper and pen nearby, but it can look bad when the spiral notebook is falling apart at the edges.  Having a nice notepad to write and sketch ideas and jot notes will not only keep your thoughts organized, but you will find it unleashing your creative side and it will help preserve your ideas for safekeeping.  Start the year off with a professional moleskin notepad such as this one:

Screen Shot 2013-01-03 at 5.32.11 PM

So if you’re a journalism student, consider starting off 2013 by advancing your journalism career with some of these items. Happy New Year!


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