Journalism Holiday Party

By: Eli Drljaca (@elidrljaca)

If you’re a journalism student here at UW-Oshkosh make sure to mark your calendars for Tuesday, December 4. The journalism department is having a holiday party in Sage 3408 from 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

So come to the party and bring your friends that share your major! Here’s what you can expect:

There will be a plethora of free food. Make sure to come with an empty stomach because there will be plenty of food to go around to fill up everyone’s stomach. Not to mention Dr. Julie Henderson , journalism professor, plans on bringing in batches of her own homemade chocolates! That’s one savory reason alone to come to the party!

You can chat with all of the professors. Getting to know your professors personally can be extremely beneficiary. Feel free to strike up a conversation with any of the journalism professors. Think of the networking that could get done here!

There will be a raffle for everyone. Everyone who comes to the party will get a raffle ticket. The top two people who get chosen will receive prizes!

Get to know other students. There’s nothing better than being surrounded by students who have the same visions and ideas as you. Come up with new ideas and discuss how classes are going as we near the end of the semester.

So who’s looking forward to the party? I know I am, see you all there.




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