Cyber Monday Deals For Journalism Students

By: Eli Drljaca (@elidrljaca)

Now that everyone is out of their food comas and caught up on their sleep after early Black Friday adventures, it’s time to get some righteous deals from the convenience of your home right from your computer. That’s right it’s time for Cyber Monday, and here are some great deals for any journalism students.

For the visual emphasis, Amazon is offering a bundle deal for a Nikon D3000 that comes with two lenses, a camera bag, Nikon’s guide on how to shoot videos and photos, and a San Disk 8gb memory card. All for just $446.95, not a bad deal at all.

For the writing/editing emphasis it’s about time you updated your laptop to get some serious writing done. Amazon is offering a 15-inch MacBook Pro for $1,742.84. This is a great device for not only getting some writing done, but also investing in some software from Adobe such as Custom Suite 6.

For public relations students, take a look the book Social Media and Public Relations: Eight New Practices for the PR Professional that Amazon has on sale for only $11.48. It would be great for doing research on how to tie in the new and popular social media aspect with public relations. There’s nothing better than having more knowledge than your competitor.

For the advertisers out there, go ahead and pick up an iPad mini from the Apple store. That way you can display your creative ideas and show them to your colleagues with ease. All for just starting at $329.

And for everyone involved in media studies, Amazon now has a book on sale called The Ethics of Emerging Media: Information, Social Norms, and New Media Technology which is great for catching up on all the newest forms of emerging media and learning about all the new ethical issues that come with them all for just $34.95.

Now’s the time to get on your computers and snatch up these deals before it’s all gone! It’s just as easy as clicking the links above, and you’ll find yourself right there ready to purchase these useful tools to broaden your knowledge in whatever subject you’re studying.

After checking out all of the Cyber Monday/week deals, which deal did you find the best and how will it help you in progress?


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