5 Things Every College Student Should Do This Thanksgiving

By: Heather Smith (@heathr_smith)

Thanksgiving is a holiday full of great food, wonderful family and late-night shopping sprees. It also means that college students get a break from class for a few days. So what can college students do over this Thanksgiving break to still be productive?

Recently, I spoke with Dr. Sara Steffes Hansen  at a Greek Life Council event on campus where we covered the topic of social media in the workplace. It is more important than ever for college students to be professional online and there are a few easy ways to turn your personal brand around in just a few minutes.

Here are five things every college student can do this Thanksgiving to be productive and go pro on their social sites:

1. Clean up your Facebook page. While you’re hanging out on the couch watching football, take some time to browse through your photos and untag or delete any that you think are inappropriate.

2. Finally snap your professional-looking photo. Considering most of us will be more dressed up than usual on Thanksgiving, ask a family member to take a photo of you in your professional-looking attire and use it as your new profile picture on LinkedIn or Twitter.

3. Connect with your family on LinkedIn. Everyone wants more LinkedIn connections.  Networking with your family this Thanksgiving and connecting with them professionally can open more doors for you in the future and is an easy way to increase your connections.

4. Update your privacy settings. Chances are, the privacy settings on most sites have changed since the last time they were updated. While you’re scrolling through Facebook or Twitter, take a minute to go through your privacy settings and adjust them according to your preferences. Helpful tips.

5. Angry Birds Star Wars. We can’t all be professionals at everything. However, I think we all know that when there is time to kill, becoming a pro at Angry Birds isn’t the worst profession in the world. This Thanksgiving, check out the new Angry Birds Star Wars. You won’t be disappointed!


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