Ready, Aim, Shoot: Photo Contest

By: Eli Drljaca (@elidrljaca)

Photographers unite! Put the camera down and listen to this: Photographer’s Forum Magazine is holding an annual photo contest for all high school and college students. In order to enter you need to register information first here. The cost is only $5.95 and the entries are due by Nov. 19. Also there is a .pdf flyer with all the information you need to know.

The contest is broken down into color and black and white photos, both different contests when it comes to giving out the prizes. The first place winner of both categories will receive their choice of a $2,000 grant, or a Nikon D7000.

The winning photos will then be displayed in the May 2013 edition of Photographer’s Forum Magazine. Also, top 8 percent of all contest entries will be placed into the book: Best of College and High School Photography of 2013.

If you’re a journalism student here at UW Oshkosh and you haven’t already taken media photo I with Dr. Tim Gleason I would highly recommend taking the course to learn much more about how important a photo is when telling a story or showing a situation for new coverage. Gleason also teaches you how to fully use a camera to get the perfect exposure which will lead to perfect shot.

Dr. Gleason was the one who brought this contest to my attention, and also had a lot more information on the contest itself and why this contest is better than most. “This contest is specifically for college and high students–they have different categories–so it allows a comparison among members of the same peer group.” Gleason said, “Some contests involve professionals and amateurs and cost significantly more. This is one of the cheaper contests to enter. Many of the ‘free’ contests try to claim copyright over your work, so this one is a good deal. Also, a contest like Hearst wants entries published in a newspaper. This contest doesn’t have such a limitation.”

Gleason also went on to say how this contest is more than just a contest, it will benefit your life much more. “It never hurts to place in a contest and have it on your resume.” Gleason said, “Life is a competition–you compete with others to get into college and you compete with others for jobs. The more things you have on your resume that sets you apart from others, the better your chances are of getting hired.”


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