Organs, Students, Zombies, Oh My! Saving Lives: Dead or Alive Campaign Works to Raise Awareness About Organ Donation

By Lindsey Noack (@LinzCnoack)

If you see zombies around campus, don’t be scared. They are trying to save lives, not take them. The UW Oshkosh chapter of the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) decided to use a unique theme this year for its annual National Organ Donor Awareness Competition (NODAC) campaign. The Saving Lives: Dead or Alive campaign focuses on educating the UW Oshkosh community on the importance of organ donation.

“The purpose of Saving Lives: Dead or Alive is simple –we want to let people know they can save lives,” said Derek Schroeder, vice president of UW Oshkosh PRSSA. “Every registered organ donor can save up to eight lives when he or she passes on. Our event also emphasizes the organ’s one can give while still living including a kidney, a liver segment, a lung lobe, a portion of intestines and a part of one’s pancreas.”

So why use zombies to promote organ donation?

“We decided on this theme because zombies are an interesting way to show the dead without them being dead, hence ‘the living dead,’ plus they’re quite popular right now in TV shows and movies, so we thought it would grab people’s attention,” said Schroeder.

The Saving Lives: Dead or Alive free event, which is being held today, Thursday, April 12 from 5-8 p.m. in the Titan Underground, is a campus wide “hunt for organs” that will consist of teams of four or five people competing for either the LIVING or DEAD side. Teams will be given a map that will serve as a guide for teams to race to different stations around UW Oshkosh campus, which are named after different organs. Each station “organ name” will be determined by the organs someone is able to give while LIVING and which organs a person gives after they are DEAD.

There will be a team task or trivia question at each organ station that must be completed in order to earn a “donor dot” and move on to the next station. The first LIVING and DEAD team to complete all six stations on its route and return to the Titan Underground will compete in a final competition against each other in order to win a Kindle Fire.

More information on the event as well as team registration forms can be found on the Saving Lives: Dead or Alive Facebook and Twitter sites. Forms can be returned to the Journalism Department office, Sage 3003, or emailed to

Happy Organ Hunting!


One thought on “Organs, Students, Zombies, Oh My! Saving Lives: Dead or Alive Campaign Works to Raise Awareness About Organ Donation

  1. Good on you for getting the word out about organ donation. In Australia, once a person dies, their wish to donate their organs can be over-ridden by their family’s wishes. I think we need to talk about organ donation so our families know what we want…just in case. Good luck!

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