Importance of Internships for J-students

By Ashley Raddant (@araddant)

If you haven’t already started thinking about internships to enhance your resume, now is the time. The more experience you have the better your chances are of getting that dream career. I interviewed Barb Benish, the Department of Journalism’s internship coordinator, and she gave some wonderful insight on the importance of having experience and useful ways to get the experience that is needed.

It is important for journalism professionals to stay active in making posts online. Some websites to make these posts include: Blogger, Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin. Employers are looking for active candidates that excel at those websites.

Check out Titan Jobs and upload your resume for employers to view. It is also a good way to see when employers are doing interviews on campus for a job you are interested in. Along with on-campus interviews, new job opportunities are uploaded on to Titan Jobs every day!

“To prepare for an interview you can get experience working for the Advance-Titan, joining Ad Club, PRSSA or any social media club,” Benish said.

Benish conducts an internship class to help students prepare to get the job they want. She also organizes mock interviews for students and journalism professionals. This is offered every semester.

“It’s the one time to find out what you are doing right, and what you are doing wrong. It’s a good opportunity to practice,” Benish said.

So, if you need help gaining experience before your actual interview, Benish is the one to go to. You may ask yourself if there is an internship out there that is available for you. There are internships available for everyone; it is up to you to make this opportunity possible. As Benish says: “if you want it, yes.” That is an excellent motto to follow.

For more information on internships for the Department of Journalism, check out the J-department website. Now that you have the knowledge, put that knowledge to work!


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