PRSSA Bateman team challenges Oshkosh to LiveFIT

By Lindsey Noack (Bateman team member)

You might be seeing a message in your school email this upcoming week talking about LiveFIT Oshkosh, a fitness campaign that’s working towards providing the Oshkosh community with information and tips to reach a healthier lifestyle. What you might not realize, however, is that PR students from the journalism department are the brains behind this operation. Each year a group of students from UW Oshkosh’s PRSSA  (Public Relation Student Society of America) chapter compete in the Bateman Case Study Competition, a nation-wide contest for public relation students that gives them the opportunity to implement a full PR campaign.

The focus this year on living a healthy lifestyle inspired our team to create a campaign that would impact people of all ages in Oshkosh. Live FIT Oshkosh, which stands for Fitness, Information and Technology, is working to provide these three things to the community. You might wonder why we decided to include technology as one of our goals in a campaign focused on fitness?

Technology has integrated itself into our daily lives and as college students who are constantly connected to the online world, we should take advantage of the great resources it has to offer us on health, exercise, nutritious recipes and more. UW Oshkosh has even added great nutritional calculators and menus for campus dining locations to its website, so students can make health-informed decisions on what to eat.

Dr. Julie Henderson, a professor for the journalism department and the adviser to the Bateman team, talks about the benefits these online resources can provide UW Oshkosh students looking to increase their level of health.

“Every year, the PRSSA Bateman team tackles a social issue,” Henderson said. “This year, the team is addressing obesity in regard to children and the general public. Because students entering college often face a change in their eating and exercising habits, this is especially relevant to the UW Oshkosh community. I’m especially impressed by the communication tools the team chose, that is, technology and social media to reach the target audience of college students. They have found a wealth of tools that anyone can use to chart their caloric intake, their choices, and their exercise regimen. We’re all hopeful this will help UW Oshkosh students and others attain a more healthful state.”

The team will be posting to the LiveFit Oshkosh Facebook pageTwitter feed and Pinterest account with tips and advice to live a healthier lifestyle on and off campus, so be sure to swing by and grab a recipe or two!


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