Finding Yourself Through Study Abroad

By Bianca Fiene (@bianca608)

After graduating from high school, a majority of students aspire to attend college in hopes of obtaining a long-lasting education that will lead them to the career of their dreams, or at least a decent paying job post-college. While struggling to obtain said degree, students dive into the deep end of “college life.” In time, the exhilarating feeling of flying from the safe nest of home to the college dorms soon becomes a dull routine and students begin to look for a new and exhilarating challenge. An ideal challenge to pursue is studying abroad.

A quick link that will take you anywhere in the world!!!

Just by filling out a few simple applications, you could be on your way to the learning destination of your dreams at an affordable price. I know because I was one of those students. After attending a study abroad fair, my friend talked me into applying. I went to Greece and London over a period of three weeks. I can honestly say that studying abroad has broaden my horizons.

Benefits of studying abroad include increased confidence, lasting impact of world views, and enhanced interest in academic study, among others.

From my personal experience, study abroad benefited me in all the ways listed on I also picked up some important skills such as cross-cultural communication. I am more open-minded now, and better understand values in other cultures. This skill is especially a key in the fields of journalism and communications in order to expand your understanding and relationships with others.

Courtney Bauder, an instructor at UW Oshkosh says, “It has always been my belief that the best way to prepare my students for their future is to bring the world to my students and bring my students to experience the world. I try to bring the world to my students by engaging them in critical debates and discussions about global issues in the classroom and I try to bring my students to the world by leading and organizing study abroad trips where they experience global issues and challenges firsthand.  In doing this, students are able to develop the problem solving and critical thinking skills required for achieving success and addressing issues of sustainability in an increasingly globalized world.”

According to, 81 percent of travel abroad students say that the experience itself enhanced their interest in academic study. If you are looking for a personal challenge or a chance to broaden your own horizons, I suggest you study abroad. GO FOR IT!

For more information on study abroad programs at UW Oshkosh, visit the Office of International Education.


One thought on “Finding Yourself Through Study Abroad

  1. You have the right attitude about study abroad. I appreciate your “Go for it!” attitude. It’s important for students to realize what a profound effect a summer study abroad experience can be. Students on Edu-Culture International’s programs report that they return home with a better understanding of the world, more confident and mature, and much less intimidated to use their language skills. I wrote a similar blog about finding myself abroad, that you might enjoy too:

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