UW Oshkosh: Providing Opportunities for Everyone

By Tyler Lance (@_tylerlance)

As students start to get further in to their degree, they start to wonder what they can get involved with on campus. Students have many options that can be a resume builder. Also, they can get great experience working within the industry that they want to get into after graduation. Whether they are internships or organizations and clubs, there are plenty of opportunities for students to take and get their name out to their industry of interest.

Before you get the opportunity to send your resume to a company for an internship, you must have experiences on campus that will help you get that internship. Whether you are interested in writing for the school paper, joining UWO’s advertising club or getting involved in PRSSA, there are endless opportunities for the average student on campus.

The Advance-Titan, a student produced newspaper, has been winning awards for a long time now and continues to thrive as more and more writers get involved with the paper. This isn’t the time to be scared to go out there and join a club. Along with the Advance-Titan, there is SPJ, which is an organization based around news/editorial students. Oftentimes, these students also are involved with the Advance-Titan because it is another great organization to further their knowledge of the newspaper industry.

If you aren’t looking to get into the writing aspect of journalism, join the advertising club and develop your skills to further your knowledge of the ad industry. Within the advertising club, you will learn how to reach the public effectively and even make ads. This past semester, the ad club worked on creating a commercial for the nationally known soda Sundrop.

Another opportunity that is available on campus is PRSSA. Like advertising club, and the Advance-Titan, it brings a different aspect of journalism to students. The organization gets you ready for what to expect within the field, and how to succeed with all the experience that you choose to take part in. PRSSA is a national society and most members reside from school chapters that are formed.

Also there’s photo club that provides students the opportunity to get feedback on their photography and learn the new techniques that are evolving every day. This club is a new and upcoming club that will be evolving in to something special over the years.
There are plenty of internships offered within the journalism department that supply plentiful experience. There is everything from social media internships to working within the journalism offices that are available on campus here in Oshkosh.
Overall, don’t be afraid to go out there and get your name out not only on campus, but to businesses as well. When you graduate, you don’t want to have any questions and wonder if you will be able to get a job right after graduation. Taking advantage of these opportunities on campus will allow you to excel in your knowledge of the industry and give you the confidence to land a job immediately after graduation.
For more info on internships and other opportunities with the journalism department visit http://www.uwosh.edu/journalism


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