PRSSA Bateman team challenges Oshkosh to LiveFIT

24 02 2012

By Lindsey Noack (Bateman team member)

You might be seeing a message in your school email this upcoming week talking about LiveFIT Oshkosh, a fitness campaign that’s working towards providing the Oshkosh community with information and tips to reach a healthier lifestyle. What you might not realize, however, is that PR students from the journalism department are the brains behind this operation. Each year a group of students from UW Oshkosh’s PRSSA  (Public Relation Student Society of America) chapter compete in the Bateman Case Study Competition, a nation-wide contest for public relation students that gives them the opportunity to implement a full PR campaign.

The focus this year on living a healthy lifestyle inspired our team to create a campaign that would impact people of all ages in Oshkosh. Live FIT Oshkosh, which stands for Fitness, Information and Technology, is working to provide these three things to the community. You might wonder why we decided to include technology as one of our goals in a campaign focused on fitness?

Technology has integrated itself into our daily lives and as college students who are constantly connected to the online world, we should take advantage of the great resources it has to offer us on health, exercise, nutritious recipes and more. UW Oshkosh has even added great nutritional calculators and menus for campus dining locations to its website, so students can make health-informed decisions on what to eat.

Dr. Julie Henderson, a professor for the journalism department and the adviser to the Bateman team, talks about the benefits these online resources can provide UW Oshkosh students looking to increase their level of health.

“Every year, the PRSSA Bateman team tackles a social issue,” Henderson said. “This year, the team is addressing obesity in regard to children and the general public. Because students entering college often face a change in their eating and exercising habits, this is especially relevant to the UW Oshkosh community. I’m especially impressed by the communication tools the team chose, that is, technology and social media to reach the target audience of college students. They have found a wealth of tools that anyone can use to chart their caloric intake, their choices, and their exercise regimen. We’re all hopeful this will help UW Oshkosh students and others attain a more healthful state.”

The team will be posting to the LiveFit Oshkosh Facebook pageTwitter feed and Pinterest account with tips and advice to live a healthier lifestyle on and off campus, so be sure to swing by and grab a recipe or two!


Top 10 of 2011

16 02 2012

By Sheng Lee (@shengdanger)

2011 was a busy year for the Journalism department. It was a year of change and progress for the department’s community. Awards were won and revisions were made. Alumni were welcomed home and new scholarships were introduced for current and incoming students. Here’s a quick recap of the Journalism department’s greatest accomplishments of 2011 in chronological order:

Approval of New Curriculum

During fall 2010, the Journalism department devised a new curriculum in order to earn full re-accreditation from ACEJMC. The new curriculum was approved in January 2011.

New Scholarships

The Dave Engels and Orville C. Sherman Journalism Scholarships were awarded in spring 2011 and were formally recognized during homecoming 2011.

PR Team Wins National Award

In spring 2011, a student team led by faculty advisor Julie Henderson received honorable mention in the Bateman Case Study Competition, a national case study competition sponsored by the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA).

Advance-Titan Wins Award

In spring 2011, the Advance-Titan led by faculty adviser Vincent Filak received a general excellence honorable mention from the Wisconsin Newspaper Association’s Collegiate Better Newspaper Contest.

Jim VandeHei

During the University’s spring commencement ceremony, Jim VandeHei ’95, journalism alumnus and founder of Politico, received an honorary doctorate degree, the University’s highest honor. He was also parodied on Saturday Night Live, a comedy skit TV show.

Move to Sage Hall

During summer 2011, faculty in the Journalism department packed up their offices and classrooms to relocate in Sage Hall, the first green building on the UWO campus.

CEPR PR Accreditation

In September 2011, the Journalism department’s public relations program was certified by the Certification in Education for Public Relations (CEPR), making UWO the first university in Wisconsin and one of 28 universities in the world with this designation.

Alumni Homecoming Reunion

During homecoming weekend, the department organized an alumni reunion, the first in several years. Events included a social media tweetup, an alumni panel session and a tour of Sage Hall.

Distinguished Alumni Receive Honors

During homecoming festivities, three journalism alumni received top honors from the University. Patrick Stiegman ’88 received the Distinguished Alumni Award, the highest honor given by UWO’s Alumni Association, while Michael Fredrick ’97 and Lori Kraus ’02 received Outstanding Young Alumni Awards.

ACEJMC Site Visit

In November 2011, two representatives from the Accrediting Council on Education in Journalism and Mass Communications (ACEJMC) visited the Journalism department to review the program. The representatives met with students and faculty to focus on the curriculum.

FYI: Scholarships and Advising

14 02 2012


Please be advised that the deadline for applying for journalism scholarships is coming up quickly. The applications for the majority of our scholarships are due by 4:30 p.m. on Monday, February 20, 2012.  Scholarship applications are all available in the Reading Room (Sage Hall 3408). Please note that the Orville C. Sherman Scholarship is not posted in the Reading Room. This scholarship is available to Journalism students on odd numbered years (February, 2013). For more information on scholarships that are available, click here.


Please note that we will begin Summer and Fall, 2012 advisement/registration on Wednesday, February 29 and will continue as follows:

90 earned credits and more and Honor students advised on

Wednesday, February 29 and Thursday, March 1


60 through 89 earned credits advised on

Monday, March 5 and Tuesday, March 6


45 through 59 earned credits advised on

Wednesday, March 7

For more information on advising, click here.

Finding Yourself Through Study Abroad

9 02 2012

By Bianca Fiene (@bianca608)

After graduating from high school, a majority of students aspire to attend college in hopes of obtaining a long-lasting education that will lead them to the career of their dreams, or at least a decent paying job post-college. While struggling to obtain said degree, students dive into the deep end of “college life.” In time, the exhilarating feeling of flying from the safe nest of home to the college dorms soon becomes a dull routine and students begin to look for a new and exhilarating challenge. An ideal challenge to pursue is studying abroad.

A quick link that will take you anywhere in the world!!!

Just by filling out a few simple applications, you could be on your way to the learning destination of your dreams at an affordable price. I know because I was one of those students. After attending a study abroad fair, my friend talked me into applying. I went to Greece and London over a period of three weeks. I can honestly say that studying abroad has broaden my horizons.

Benefits of studying abroad include increased confidence, lasting impact of world views, and enhanced interest in academic study, among others.

From my personal experience, study abroad benefited me in all the ways listed on I also picked up some important skills such as cross-cultural communication. I am more open-minded now, and better understand values in other cultures. This skill is especially a key in the fields of journalism and communications in order to expand your understanding and relationships with others.

Courtney Bauder, an instructor at UW Oshkosh says, “It has always been my belief that the best way to prepare my students for their future is to bring the world to my students and bring my students to experience the world. I try to bring the world to my students by engaging them in critical debates and discussions about global issues in the classroom and I try to bring my students to the world by leading and organizing study abroad trips where they experience global issues and challenges firsthand.  In doing this, students are able to develop the problem solving and critical thinking skills required for achieving success and addressing issues of sustainability in an increasingly globalized world.”

According to, 81 percent of travel abroad students say that the experience itself enhanced their interest in academic study. If you are looking for a personal challenge or a chance to broaden your own horizons, I suggest you study abroad. GO FOR IT!

For more information on study abroad programs at UW Oshkosh, visit the Office of International Education.

J-Students Build Apps in New Media Class

7 02 2012

While many of us use apps for social media, shopping, playing games and getting information on the go, few of us understand what it takes to design and build them. As of the first week of the semester, students in the Journalism Department’s New and Emerging Media class were immersed in mobile applications – trends, economic and cultural impacts – and then literally built apps in our lab.

Matthew David, vice president of sales and evangelism for TheAppBuilder, led the mobile app session with expertise and humor. Last spring, the web developer and technology author taught Online Publishing as an adjunct instructor for the department.

“We are moving rapidly into a mobile world,” David said, which he described as a “mobile revolution.”

Three major forces shaping the technology and communication landscape are social media, cloud computing and mobile platforms such as smartphones and tablets, David said. Citing Gartner and other sources, he noted how mobile applications across platforms are advancing with implications for businesses, organizations, advertisers and others.

Students were challenged to develop an idea for their apps. Then David walked them through development via TheAppBuilder, an online program to build an app without coding. Students designed app layout and content, and learned how to submit them for publishing to app stores like iTunes and Android Marketplace. Apps ran a range of topics from student organizations, to “all about fonts,” a locator for local camping and “what to wear.”

The New and Emerging Media class, and its counterpart, Applications in New and Emerging Media, provide journalism and business students with theoretical and practical knowledge that keeps up with the latest trends. Many of our students are in the fast-growing demographic for smartphone use, with 53% of 18-24 year olds and 64% of 25-34 year olds owning smart phones, according to Nielsen. And, students in the class enjoyed the opportunity:

Trends for mobile usage, and the apps that enhance user experiences, will continue to escalate in 2012.

“In designing apps, we have to consider how people will use them in daily life,” David said. “Make them simple and powerful.”

UW Oshkosh: Providing Opportunities for Everyone

2 02 2012

By Tyler Lance (@_tylerlance)

As students start to get further in to their degree, they start to wonder what they can get involved with on campus. Students have many options that can be a resume builder. Also, they can get great experience working within the industry that they want to get into after graduation. Whether they are internships or organizations and clubs, there are plenty of opportunities for students to take and get their name out to their industry of interest.

Before you get the opportunity to send your resume to a company for an internship, you must have experiences on campus that will help you get that internship. Whether you are interested in writing for the school paper, joining UWO’s advertising club or getting involved in PRSSA, there are endless opportunities for the average student on campus.

The Advance-Titan, a student produced newspaper, has been winning awards for a long time now and continues to thrive as more and more writers get involved with the paper. This isn’t the time to be scared to go out there and join a club. Along with the Advance-Titan, there is SPJ, which is an organization based around news/editorial students. Oftentimes, these students also are involved with the Advance-Titan because it is another great organization to further their knowledge of the newspaper industry.

If you aren’t looking to get into the writing aspect of journalism, join the advertising club and develop your skills to further your knowledge of the ad industry. Within the advertising club, you will learn how to reach the public effectively and even make ads. This past semester, the ad club worked on creating a commercial for the nationally known soda Sundrop.

Another opportunity that is available on campus is PRSSA. Like advertising club, and the Advance-Titan, it brings a different aspect of journalism to students. The organization gets you ready for what to expect within the field, and how to succeed with all the experience that you choose to take part in. PRSSA is a national society and most members reside from school chapters that are formed.

Also there’s photo club that provides students the opportunity to get feedback on their photography and learn the new techniques that are evolving every day. This club is a new and upcoming club that will be evolving in to something special over the years.
There are plenty of internships offered within the journalism department that supply plentiful experience. There is everything from social media internships to working within the journalism offices that are available on campus here in Oshkosh.
Overall, don’t be afraid to go out there and get your name out not only on campus, but to businesses as well. When you graduate, you don’t want to have any questions and wonder if you will be able to get a job right after graduation. Taking advantage of these opportunities on campus will allow you to excel in your knowledge of the industry and give you the confidence to land a job immediately after graduation.
For more info on internships and other opportunities with the journalism department visit